What Is The Best Snow Blower For Wet Snow?A Comprehensive Guide

by Anna

Winter brings with it the enchanting beauty of snow-covered landscapes, but for many homeowners, it also means dealing with the practical challenges of snow removal. When it comes to wet and heavy snow, finding the right snow blower is crucial for efficient and effective snow clearing. In this article, we will explore the factors to consider and unveil the best snow blower for wet snow, ensuring that you can tackle the toughest winter conditions with ease.


Understanding Wet Snow:

Wet snow, also known as packing snow, is characterized by its higher water content and density compared to dry, powdery snow. This type of snow can pose a significant challenge for traditional snow blowers, as it tends to clog and stick to the machine’s components. Clearing wet snow requires a specialized snow blower that can handle the added weight and moisture without compromising performance.


Key Features to Look for:

Powerful Engine: Opt for a snow blower with a robust engine that provides sufficient power to handle wet snow. Look for models with high horsepower ratings, as this ensures that the machine can effectively propel itself through dense and heavy snow.

Auger Design: The auger is a critical component of a snow blower, responsible for scooping and throwing snow. For wet snow, consider a two-stage snow blower with a serrated auger. Serrated augers have teeth-like edges that break through the compacted snow, preventing clogs and allowing for smoother operation.

Impeller System: A powerful impeller system complements the auger by efficiently throwing snow out of the chute. Look for models with a well-designed impeller that can handle the added weight and moisture content of wet snow.

Adjustable Chute and Deflector: The ability to adjust the chute’s direction and deflector’s angle is crucial for precise snow throwing. This feature allows you to control where the wet snow is discharged, preventing it from accumulating in unwanted areas.

Wide Clearing Path: A wider clearing path can be advantageous when dealing with wet snow, as it allows you to cover more ground with each pass. Look for snow blowers with clearing widths of 24 inches or more for efficient snow removal.

Heated Handles: Working in cold and wet conditions can be challenging, but heated handles can make the task more comfortable. Some high-end snow blowers come equipped with heated grips, ensuring that your hands stay warm during prolonged use.

Durable Construction: Wet snow can be abrasive, and the machine must be built to withstand the tough conditions. Choose a snow blower with a sturdy and durable construction, preferably one made from high-quality materials that can resist corrosion and wear over time.

Top Contenders for Best Snow Blower for Wet Snow:

1. Honda HSS1332ATD:

Known for its reliability and powerful performance, the Honda HSS1332ATD is a two-stage snow blower equipped with a robust 389cc engine. The serrated auger and aggressive impeller ensure effective snow removal even in wet and heavy conditions. With a clearing width of 32 inches, it can handle substantial amounts of snow with each pass.

2. Ariens Professional 28 Hydro RapidTrak:

The Ariens Professional 28 Hydro RapidTrak combines power and maneuverability, featuring a hydrostatic drive system for smooth operation. The 420cc engine, serrated auger, and heavy-duty impeller make it well-suited for tackling wet snow. The adjustable chute and deflector provide versatility in directing the snow discharge.

3. Toro Power Max HD 828 OAE:

Toro is a trusted name in snow blowers, and the Power Max HD 828 OAE is no exception. This two-stage snow blower comes with a 252cc engine, anti-clogging system, and a 28-inch clearing width. The anti-clogging system helps prevent wet snow from sticking to the auger, ensuring continuous and efficient snow removal.

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Choosing the best snow blower for wet snow is essential for maintaining a clear and safe environment during the winter months. Consider the power, auger design, impeller system, adjustable features, and overall construction when making your decision. The Honda HSS1332ATD, Ariens Professional 28 Hydro RapidTrak, and Toro Power Max HD 828 OAE are among the top contenders, each offering unique features to handle the challenges posed by wet and heavy snow. Invest in a reliable and capable snow blower to make winter snow removal a breeze, regardless of the weather conditions.


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