Additive Manufacturing UK Unveils Groundbreaking Annual Action Plan to Propel Industry Growth

by Anna

In response to the surging growth within the additive manufacturing sector and the immense potential for future expansion, Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK), the UK’s sole dedicated trade association for additive manufacturing, has launched its inaugural Annual Action Plan. This strategic roadmap aims to guide UK additive manufacturers towards global prominence and capitalize on the sector’s anticipated market growth.

The plan discerns the challenges hindering this ascent and outlines the proactive measures AMUK will undertake to address issues pertaining to skills, standards, and the supply chain within the UK’s additive manufacturing ecosystem.


Addressing a spectrum of topics, the Annual Action Plan encompasses the current market dynamics in the additive manufacturing sector and articulates the challenges requiring attention for the accelerated adoption of additive manufacturing technologies. Additionally, the document offers insights into the existing funding landscape, spotlighting opportunities for businesses and researchers aiming to pioneer new additive manufacturing solutions.


A central theme of the plan underscores the imperative for heightened collaboration among stakeholders in the additive manufacturing ecosystem. This collaboration encompasses closer ties between research institutions and industry partners, coupled with increased engagement with governmental bodies and policymakers.


Josh Dugdale, Head of AM UK, articulated, “At AMUK, our mission is to position the UK as a global frontrunner in the research, development, adoption, and application of technologies that constitute the additive manufacturing value chain.”


Dugdale emphasized the commitment to fostering innovation, catalyzing economic growth, and bolstering the UK’s reputation as a pivotal hub for advancements and applications in additive manufacturing technology. He stated, “Through collaborative initiatives with industry partners, academic institutions, and governmental bodies, we believe these challenges can be addressed, providing leverage for the transformative potential of additive manufacturing technology.”

The additive manufacturing sector is poised for continued rapid growth in the coming decade. In 2015, the global market for all additive manufacturing products and services stood at £3.59 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 31.5% in the subsequent three years.

Projections for the global additive manufacturing market by 2030 estimate a range between $60 to $90 billion. Should the UK maintain its current global position, it stands to capture approximately $3 billion of that market. However, with a conducive environment encouraging companies to actively adopt, use, and develop additive manufacturing technologies, the UK could aspire to reclaim its 2015 global position. This would mean the UK additive manufacturing market could surpass $5 billion.

The AM UK Annual Action Plan emerges as a crucial roadmap for the development and growth of additive manufacturing in the UK. With its emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and investment, the UK is well-positioned to lead in this dynamic and swiftly evolving field.

AMUK remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the development and growth of the additive manufacturing technology sector, providing a platform for members to connect, share knowledge, and propel the industry forward.


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