McAlister Design & Automation Unveils Cutting-Edge Battery Test and Assembly System

by Anna

Revolutionary System Enhances Quality Control in Battery Pack Manufacturing for Electric Vehicles


Wauseon Machine’s subsidiary, McAlister Design & Automation, has introduced a state-of-the-art Battery Test and Assembly System, poised to revolutionize the inspection, testing, and assembly of battery cells and packs. Primarily catering to the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles and consumer electronics, this innovative system ensures meticulous quality control throughout the manufacturing process.


The Battery Test & Assembly system is designed to meet or surpass the stringent requirements of product design, offering manufacturers the capability to verify the quality of their battery packs comprehensively. A key feature of the system is its ability to individually test each battery cell before its incorporation into a pack, effectively minimizing the occurrence of pack failures due to potential issues with a single cell.

Responding to the surging demand for electric vehicles, power tools, and electronic residential equipment, McAlister Design & Automation has crafted a system that aligns with industry-standard battery cell packaging. This design minimizes operator handling during testing and assembly, optimizing efficiency.

The system is modeled around the 2170 battery, catering to diverse applications in various industries. It stands out with its capability to capture, store, and analyze battery cell and pack data. This functionality empowers manufacturers to trace the performance of battery packs and cells throughout their entire life cycle, facilitating effective management of supplier quality and defect tracing across the value stream.

Utilizing vision guidance for robotic components, six-axis robots, and conveyors, the Battery Test & Assembly System offers flexibility for modification or reconfiguration to accommodate varying battery sizes or pack configurations. With asynchronous testing and assembly stations, the system maximizes throughput, minimizing the time required for assembling a battery pack. Its pre-engineered software ensures scalability and adaptability, making it a versatile solution for manufacturers.

Considering the hazardous nature of lithium-ion batteries, the system incorporates integrated dunnage inspection. This feature not only mitigates fire hazards but also enhances the safety of system operators, reinforcing McAlister Design & Automation’s commitment to creating a secure working environment.

The introduction of this cutting-edge Battery Test and Assembly System marks a significant stride in the evolution of battery pack manufacturing, offering enhanced quality control, adaptability, and safety measures in response to the evolving needs of the electric vehicle and consumer electronics markets.


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