Universities Council to Establish Advanced Institute for Robotics Engineering

by Anna

The University of Bradford has joined forces with Keighley College and Bradford Council to establish an Advanced Institute for Robotics Engineering. This initiative, situated in Keighley, West Yorkshire, will receive funding from the £20 million Levelling Up program recently announced by the Government. The institute will be housed in a new two-floor facility in Keighley, accommodating up to 250 full-time undergraduates and 40 postgraduate students specializing in robotics, advanced engineering, automation, artificial intelligence, and computer science.

The institute aims to benefit students of all ages in technical education, providing clear progression pathways from secondary school to Ph.D. levels. It intends to prepare students for emerging technology careers in software, future mobility, electronics, data analytics, cyber security, automation, and robotics. Notably, the University of Bradford boasts the highest postgraduate enrolments in applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in the UK.


Vice-Chancellor Shirley Congdon expressed delight in partnering with Keighley College and Bradford Council, emphasizing the alignment with the university’s vision and values for the Bradford district. Congdon highlighted the partnership’s potential to create opportunities for students and employees, contributing to local firms and advancing engineering globally.


Bradford Council secured £19,814,140 for ambitious schemes in Keighley under the Levelling Up funding. The allocation includes research and development in Keighley, enhancements to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway for a major transport hub, and the industrial development of brownfield sites.


Council Leader Susan Hinchliffe described the news as excellent for Keighley and the broader district, emphasizing the project’s significance in enhancing the town’s engineering, manufacturing, and economic role. Hinchliffe expressed delight in the Government’s recognition of the bid’s quality and highlighted the collaborative efforts with partners over the two-year period.


The bid, initially submitted two years ago, will undergo a validation check due to the elapsed time since submission. The project’s delivery is scheduled for 2026, with ongoing efforts to maximize all investments for the district’s benefit. The Bradford Council collaborated closely with partners, including Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Keighley College as part of the Luminate Education Group, and the University of Bradford.

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