MRPeasy Unveils Innovative Upgrade, Bringing MPS Functionality to Small Manufacturers

by Anna

Dallas-based MRPeasy has announced a substantial enhancement to its ERP/MRP software suite, heralding the introduction of Master Production Schedule (MPS) functionality. This strategic move by MRPeasy aims to empower small-scale manufacturers with a practical tool previously accessible primarily to larger enterprises.

The latest upgrade from MRPeasy represents a notable stride forward, as it seamlessly integrates long-term production planning with short-term production scheduling capabilities. This distinctive amalgamation sets MRPeasy apart as a unique solution within the ERP software market, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of small manufacturers.


MPS, a time-tested tool, has been a cornerstone in manufacturing planning for decades. It functions as a long-term roadmap, delineating product types and quantities to be produced over specific time periods. In constructing this plan, MPS factors in essential elements such as customer demand, current inventory levels, available materials, and production capacity.


For growing manufacturers, MPS functionality holds immense importance. It offers a structured approach to production planning and scheduling, facilitating the efficient management of material and capacity requirements. This, in turn, leads to reduced lead times and cost savings. By systematically aligning production with demand, small manufacturers can mitigate the risk of stockouts, curtail overstocking, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


Moreover, MPS fosters enhanced inter-departmental collaboration by promoting seamless communication and effective problem-solving among various functional areas, including sales, production, inventory, and procurement. This collaborative environment ensures that small manufacturers can swiftly adapt to shifts in the market landscape, continuously enhance operational processes, and sustain their competitive edge.


MRPeasy’s introduction of MPS functionality serves as a significant milestone in empowering small manufacturers with a versatile tool that can drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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