ETG Appoints Ian Deacon as Prismatic Product Manager to Drive Innovation in Complex Machining Solutions

by Anna

In response to the ever-increasing demand for complex components in the manufacturing industry, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has consistently positioned itself as a pioneer in innovation. To further enhance its high-end multi-axis machining solutions, ETG has welcomed Ian Deacon as its new Prismatic Product Manager.

The creation of this new role underscores ETG’s commitment to supporting manufacturers facing the intricacies of everything from 3-axis to complex 5-axis machining. These challenges often necessitate cutting-edge machining solutions, imaginative programming, innovative machining strategies, strategic workholding technologies, and even automation solutions aimed at enhancing productivity and reducing costs.


ETG has maintained its status as an industry leader in prismatic machining, boasting a comprehensive portfolio that includes renowned brands such as Quaser, OPS Ingersoll, Chiron Group, bavius, and the recently introduced Axile brand. These brands cater to a wide spectrum of machining needs, ranging from straightforward to intricate multi-axis machining and high-speed machining, covering components of all sizes.


Ian Deacon’s appointment signifies a strategic move by ETG to empower manufacturers in identifying the most suitable solutions for their businesses. With his wealth of experience, Ian will play a crucial role in simplifying the journey for ETG customers, enabling them to access the most productive and profitable solutions.


Over the course of his illustrious 30-year career, Ian has held various key roles, including Senior Application Engineer, Product Manager, Key Account Project Manager, and Sales Manager for some of the industry’s most esteemed machine tool brands. His career has spanned the entire spectrum of the machine tool industry, from assisting small subcontract manufacturers with basic requirements to collaborating with multinational OEMs on complex turnkey projects for some of the industry’s most formidable challenges.


It is this profound expertise and intimate understanding of customer needs that position Ian Deacon as a valuable asset to ETG’s mission. He will ensure that ETG customers receive the guidance and support necessary to navigate and conquer any machining challenges that come their way, reaffirming ETG’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of prismatic machining solutions.

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