Make UK and University of Sheffield’s AMRC Inspire Future Engineers on National Manufacturing Day

by Anna

Sheffield, UK – Make UK, a champion of engineering and manufacturing in the United Kingdom, is joining forces with the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to commemorate National Manufacturing Day on September 28. This collaborative effort aims to ignite the passion of the next generation of engineers by showcasing the diverse, highly-skilled, and rewarding careers available in the industry. The highlight of the day will be the arrival of two McLaren show cars, adding to the excitement.


National Manufacturing Day serves as a platform to inspire young individuals by exposing them to the multitude of opportunities within the engineering and manufacturing sector. The AMRC, based in South Yorkshire, will open its doors to 180 young people who are embarking on their educational journeys.


During this special day, these aspiring engineers will have the privilege of witnessing the AMRC’s cutting-edge technology in action at its flagship Factory 2050 site. They will also engage in a range of interactive activities, including virtual welding, 3D printing, and robotics. The event provides a unique opportunity for them to interact with experienced engineers, gaining insights into industry experiences and career prospects from various businesses in the manufacturing sector.

One of the key collaborators, McLaren, will have a prominent presence at the event. Attendees will have the exclusive chance to get up close and personal with a McLaren F1 show car and a McLaren Automotive 765LT road car. Additionally, they will engage in discussions with McLaren employees, shedding light on the rewarding careers in manufacturing and the pivotal role that composite parts play in the production of McLaren’s racing and road vehicles.

National Manufacturing Day takes on increased significance as the engineering industry faces a wave of retirements among today’s engineers, leading to a critical need for a diverse and skilled workforce to tackle future challenges. According to the Make UK 2030 Skills: Closing the Gap report, job vacancies in the sector are at a 20-year high.

Steve Foxley, CEO of the AMRC, emphasizes the importance of nurturing and inspiring the next generation of engineers to bridge the skills gap and drive advancements in digital manufacturing, sustainability, and achieving net-zero goals. “We’re really proud to support National Manufacturing Day,” Steve said. “Young people are our future, and it is right that we invest in them to secure that pipeline of talent for the industry.”

Dawn Huntrod, Region Director North at Make UK, expressed excitement about the event and highlighted the abundant opportunities available within the manufacturing sector. She stated, “This is a sector with a host of wonderful opportunities for people of all ages, and we hope this second National Manufacturing Day will inspire people to take a look inside their local manufacturing businesses to see for themselves the high-skilled and well-paid careers available to them.”

National Manufacturing Day promises to provide valuable insights into the impact of innovative research and advanced manufacturing, both regionally and nationally, demonstrating to young individuals how they can embark on a rewarding journey in this dynamic and essential industry.

The AMRC, in collaboration with esteemed businesses such as McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive, Razor, Siemens, FourJaw, the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre, and the University of Sheffield, will serve as a manufacturing hub, showcasing engineering excellence, innovation, and skills, all housed under one roof at the state-of-the-art Factory 2050 facility.


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