Make UK and University of Sheffield AMRC Inspire Future Engineers on National Manufacturing Day

by Anna

Sheffield, UK – Make UK, a prominent advocate for engineering and manufacturing in the UK, is collaborating with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to celebrate National Manufacturing Day on September 28. The event aims to ignite the passion of the next generation of engineers and showcase the diverse range of highly-skilled and well-compensated job opportunities available in the industry. The day will be made even more special with the presence of two McLaren show cars.

National Manufacturing Day is a nationwide initiative that seeks to inspire young individuals by demonstrating the wide array of career opportunities within the engineering and manufacturing sector. The AMRC, located in South Yorkshire, will open its doors to welcome 180 young people embarking on their educational journeys.


Participants will have the unique opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology in action at the flagship Factory 2050 site of the AMRC. They will engage in interactive activities such as virtual welding, 3D printing, and robotics, providing them with a hands-on experience of the industry. They will also have the chance to converse with engineers about their career paths and learn about the abundant career prospects available in the manufacturing sector.


McLaren, one of the companies collaborating with AMRC to promote manufacturing to young people, will have a McLaren F1 show car and a McLaren Automotive 765LT road car on display. Attendees will be able to closely examine these vehicles and converse with McLaren employees to gain insight into manufacturing careers, as well as the significant role played by composite parts in the production of McLaren’s race and road cars.


Events like National Manufacturing Day have taken on increased importance as the engineering workforce ages, with a rising number of engineers nearing retirement. To address this, businesses are seeking to cultivate a more diverse workforce capable of tackling future challenges. According to the Make UK 2030 Skills: Closing the Gap report, vacancies in the manufacturing sector are at a 20-year high.


Steve Foxley, CEO of the AMRC, stressed the significance of inspiring the next generation, who will be instrumental in bridging the skills gap and advancing digital manufacturing, sustainability, and achieving net-zero goals. He expressed pride in supporting National Manufacturing Day and emphasized the importance of investing in young talent.

Dawn Huntrod, Region Director North at Make UK, highlighted the event as an exciting opportunity for the manufacturing sector to unite and celebrate the innovation and technological achievements in Britain’s manufacturing industry. She emphasized the vast array of career prospects available, irrespective of age, in a sector known for its high-skilled and well-compensated roles.

The event will provide valuable insights into the regional and national impact of innovative research and advanced manufacturing, showcasing how young people can embark on a rewarding journey in this dynamic industry. The AMRC, in partnership with leading businesses including McLaren Racing and McLaren Automotive, Razor, Siemens, FourJaw, along with the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre and the University of Sheffield, will serve as a manufacturing hub to demonstrate engineering excellence, innovation, and skills – all within the state-of-the-art Factory 2050 facility.

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