Siemens Unveils Innovations in CNC Technology with Sinumerik One at EMO

by Anna

Siemens has introduced the ‘Digital Native’ CNC Sinumerik One at this year’s EMO event, expanding its portfolio of products and services. Launched in 2019, Sinumerik One represents the latest CNC generation from Siemens, featuring significant software and hardware innovations.


The latest Sinumerik software version, V6.22, brings new technology functions to Sinumerik One, enhancing machine transparency, simplifying operation, reducing wear and tear, and boosting performance. These improvements result in optimal resource utilization, including a reduction in scrap and repairs, as well as increased machine productivity through minimized idle and production times.


One of the noteworthy features of Sinumerik One’s software version V6.22 is the Sinumerik Ctrl-E function. It allows for a rapid assessment of the machine’s energy consumption through the Ctrl-E key combination on the control panel. This function provides visualization of critical energy consumption factors and enables easy creation and management of machine profiles. An addition to V6.22 is the optimized spindle acceleration feature (Balanced Spindle Acceleration).

Balanced Spindle Acceleration automatically adjusts spindle acceleration to reach the programmed spindle speed only when necessary. This reduces acceleration current and thermal losses in the spindle motor, resulting in energy savings during spindle operation, particularly beneficial during frequent tool changes. Additionally, reducing spindle acceleration to the required minimum also extends the spindle’s service life.

Siemens has focused on providing simple and intuitive operation with the Sinumerik One Human-Machine Interface (HMI) portfolio. The portfolio includes 15 to 24-inch multi-touch panels and compatible machine control panels, catering to the flexibility and adaptability needs of modern multifunctional machine tools. New additions include Sinumerik One Machine Control Panels (MCPs) 1900 plus, 1500, and compatible QWERTY keyboards.

In software, flexibility and customization take precedence. The Sinumerik Operate Display Manager facilitates the implementation of a customizable interface that adjusts to various display sizes and individual machine operator preferences. The Display Manager supports clear displays of videos and PDFs in various customizable layouts.

To meet the growing performance demands of HMI software, Siemens will use new IPC generations, Simatic IPC 2x7G, and Simatic IPC BX/PX-39A in the future. These additions to the Sinumerik One HMI portfolio ensure a consistent and scalable hardware concept.

Sinumerik One not only offers advantages over its predecessor, Sinumerik 840D sl, but also boasts perfect compatibility in both usage and programming. This eliminates the need for operator retraining and allows for the reuse of programs and cycles, saving costs and facilitating the adoption of this new machine generation.

Siemens’ Sinumerik One represents a significant leap in CNC technology, enhancing performance, efficiency, and ease of use for modern machining operations.


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