SANY’s Innovative SR435W-SCM Drilling Technique Addresses Singapore’s Land Challenges

by Anna

SANY’s groundbreaking drilling method, the SR435W-SCM, makes its debut in Singapore, offering a solution to the city-state’s land reclamation and construction challenges.

SANY, a leading innovator in construction equipment, has introduced its revolutionary drilling technique, the SR435W-SCM, in Singapore, marking a significant step forward in the country’s public housing initiatives.


Singapore’s Land Challenges and Geotechnical Solutions

Singapore, a city-state known for its extreme population density, faces the challenge of land scarcity. To meet the demands of its growing population, Singapore has embarked on extensive land reclamation projects. However, these projects often encounter the issue of poor bearing capacity in seabed sediments, necessitating geotechnical improvements during construction. Soil stabilization techniques are essential to control soil settlement and increase load-bearing capacities.


Cement-mixing piles have emerged as a highly effective solution for treating soft soil foundations. This process involves specialized deep mixing machinery that blends soil with cement, leveraging physical and chemical reactions to solidify the soil. One such approach, known as Single Column Mixing (SCM), has become integral to construction projects in Singapore.


The Thiam Siew Project: A Testimonial to SANY’s Innovation

The Thiam Siew project, located near Thiam Siew Avenue in Singapore, involves construction depths ranging from 21 to 26 meters and a pile diameter of 2.4 meters. This ambitious project plans to install a total of 1,200 piles. Following soil stratum improvement using the SCM method, rotary drilling rigs take over for further construction.


Key Features of the SR435W-SCM Method

Based on the SR435W rotary drilling rig, the custom-developed SCM method boasts several key features that enhance its performance and efficiency:

High Speed: The powerhead’s adjustable speeds range from 0 to 40 rpm.
Stable Hoisting: Precise speed control with 0.1m/min accuracy ensures stable hoisting.
Strong Sealing: Multi-layer fabric sealing on rotary joints and 4-layer O-ring seals on drilling tool connections prevent grout leakage.
Intelligent Operations: The rig features an automated cement mixing process, reducing operator fatigue.
Quality Construction: An intelligent control system maintains consistent drilling speeds and powerhead rotation, resulting in more even and thorough mixing.

Client Recognition and Global Success

The SR435W-SCM method’s operational capabilities and equipment stability have received accolades from clients, reinforcing SANY’s commitment to research and development (R&D) innovation. SANY’s rotary drilling rigs, known for their efficient and stable performance, have been exported to 56 countries worldwide. The introduction of this technology in Singapore demonstrates SANY’s dedication to addressing construction challenges in densely populated and land-scarce environments, solidifying its position as a global leader in the construction equipment market.

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