SRD Collaborates with Ceratizit to Enhance Machining Practices for Future Growth

by Anna

Oxfordshire-based automotive parts manufacturer SRD is proactively upgrading its machining techniques with support from Ceratizit, a leading cutting tool company.

SRD specializes in manufacturing parts for the automotive industry, particularly in Formula 1 and motorsport, where rapid turnaround times are crucial. Over the past three decades, SRD has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality parts promptly.


While experiencing substantial growth in recent months, SRD remains committed to staying at the forefront of its industry. To meet the increasing demand for their products and fulfill orders more efficiently, SRD sought assistance from Ceratizit UK & Ireland.


Working closely with Nev Frisby, a technical sales engineer at Ceratizit, SRD conducted a comprehensive analysis of their machining processes, inserts, and tools to identify areas where improvements could be made.


The collaboration began with SRD’s management team attending a training day at Ceratizit’s Technical Centre in Sheffield. Under the guidance of technical manager Shaun Thornton, SRD was introduced to the latest tooling and machining practices, with hands-on experience in the workshop to test the tools and materials.


Upon returning to their workshop, Nev facilitated a tooling ‘swap out,’ allowing SRD to test new inserts at no cost to determine their suitability. The results were impressive, and SRD quickly began to achieve remarkable outcomes.

By partnering with Ceratizit, SRD aims to enhance its machining capabilities, enabling them to meet the rising demand for their products and maintain their reputation for delivering exceptional service in a timely manner.

This collaboration signifies SRD’s commitment to staying ahead of the competition and futureproofing its manufacturing practices for continued growth.

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