Axile Unveils DC12: A High-Precision, Large-Part Vertical Machining Centre

by Anna

Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is proud to introduce the new DC12 model, a 5-axis double-column vertical machining centre from Axile. Renowned for their flexibility, performance, and technological innovation, Axile has incorporated all these attributes into a machining centre designed to accommodate the machining of large parts.

The DC12 stands as the flagship machine in Axile’s lineup, ideally suited for handling hefty, elongated workpieces. With a maximum table loading capacity of 2.5 tonnes and a maximum component length of 2.2 meters, the machine boasts the capability to work on large, heavy parts commonly found in industries such as aerospace, power generation, and mould and die.


The double-column bridge construction ensures superior rigidity and remarkable control over thermal deformation, thanks to its massive RAM built as a box-in-box concept. This construction empowers the DC12 to execute heavy-duty cutting and complex contouring while maintaining exceptional precision levels.


Large workpieces inevitably produce more chips, and the DC12 excels in chip removal efficiency to extend tool life and prevent residual interference. It features a chip auger, chip conveyor, through-spindle coolant, four coolant outlets at the spindle nose, air flushing, and chip washdown facility. Consequently, the DC12 delivers the high surface quality expected by leading manufacturers.


Despite its imposing size, the DC12 incorporates directly driven servomotors, roller-type linear guideways, pre-loaded double nut ballscrews, and linear scales on the X, Y, and Z axes with 0.1-micron resolution. These features ensure that regardless of the size of your parts, the DC12 delivers astounding levels of precision and repeatability.


From a flexibility perspective, the DC12 offers an HSK-A63 swivelling head B-axis and a rotary C-axis table integrated into the spacious machine bed. This combination provides unparalleled flexibility for machining large parts. The spindle can be equipped with up to 90 or 120 HSK-A63 tools or 60 HSK-A100 tools, depending on the customer’s choice.

Key specifications for the DC12 include an X, Y, and Z-axis travel of 2.2 meters by 1.4 meters by 1 meter, with a maximum feed rate of 36 meters per minute. The B-axis offers +/-110-degree swivel, and the 360-degree rotary C-axis can reach a maximum speed of 100rpm. The standard spindle is an HSK-A63 20,000rpm 45kW, with an option for a high-torque 16,000rpm 241Nm HSK-A100 interface.

In addition to the high-capacity and high-performance DC12 model, Axile offers the DC12 MT, which combines milling and turning capabilities. The DC12 MT achieves a rotary table rotation speed of up to 800rpm on the 1.2-meter diameter of the built-in configuration and is supplied with an HSK-T interface for enhanced spindle rigidity during turning operations.

ETG customers have a wide array of options to choose from with the DC12, including Heidenhain, FANUC, or Siemens CNC control, automatic workpiece measurement, tool measurement embedded in the table, air conditioning units, and 40 or 70bar coolant pumps. From an automation standpoint, customers can select the motorized pallet changer (MPC) with various integration options. For further information, reach out to an ETG representative.

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