FANUC Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations and Robotic Advancements at EMO Hannover 2023

by Anna

Hannover, Germany – In a highly anticipated showcase at EMO Hannover 2023, FANUC, a global leader in industrial automation and robotics, will present a sneak peek of its upcoming FS500i-A series CNC, currently in the development phase. Positioned at the forefront of FANUC’s 1,444m2 stand (C54, Hall 9), this event promises to be a testament to technological prowess.


The forthcoming FS500i-A CNC series, designed for optimal performance and user-friendliness, boasts an array of innovations. Notably, an all-new Human Machine Interface (HMI) promises to simplify operations for both experienced and novice FANUC operators.


One standout feature of the FS500i-A series is the integration of all interactions onto a single screen, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple screens. Additionally, the Programmable Machine Control (PMC) is now programmable using Structured Text, and the CNC accommodates various machine kinematics.

While the CNC is still in the development phase, several of its features are already accessible. Enhanced versions of FANUC’s existing advanced FS30i/31i/32i-B Plus and standard FS0i-F Plus CNC solutions include functionalities geared toward energy conservation, carbon neutrality, and digital twin technology. These features will also be integrated into the FS500i-A series, directly benefiting end-users.

The introduction of a new CPU, coupled with other innovative features, promises to enhance basic performance and reduce cycle times.

Central to the FANUC ROBOMACHINE exhibit at EMO Hannover will be a comprehensive production cell, demonstrating the machining of a complex EV (electric vehicle) part in four and five axes. This setup will include two ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series machining centers, a Fanuc M-20iD/25 robot equipped with a linear rail for machine tending, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for exchanging raw and finished part pallets, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for precise part measurements, and state-of-the-art sensor and connectivity technology for seamless feedback between the CMM and ROBOMACHINEs. Additionally, three ROBOCUT α-CiC wire EDM machines will be on display.

Visitors will have the opportunity to observe this fully automated factory from a bridge perspective. Another highlight is the debut of the Fanuc ROBODRILL α-D28LiB5ADV Plus Y500 machining center, featuring a 28-station automatic tool-change capacity and an extended 500 mm Y-axis stroke.

In a European premiere, the machine will include a rotary table to simulate the cutting of a large EV aluminum inverter case.

Other demonstrations featuring the ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series will showcase five-axis machining, heavy-duty milling, drilling, and skiving processes, emphasizing the machine’s power and versatility.

In addition to these displays, a ROBODRILL Education Cell will be featured, encompassing various machine components, in-process measurement, a two-axis table, and workholding solutions.

Elsewhere on the stand, FANUC will exhibit a ROBOSHOT α-S50iB injection molding machine employing a 16mm diameter screw to manufacture a precision lens holder for smartphones. This process will be assisted by a Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/7L robot, with a ROBOCUT α-CiC wire EDM producing the lens holder mold inserts.

ROBOCUT demonstrations at EMO will feature a ROBOCUT α-C600iC with a rotary table, wire-cutting injectors for the aerospace industry. A FANUC CRX-10iA/L will handle the load/unload function, with ROBOCUT LINKi providing energy monitoring.

The global debut of the Fanuc ROBOCUT α-C800iC wire EDM, boasting an 800 mm X-axis stroke, will be a standout attraction. The large-format machine will simulate the wire cutting of a complex aerospace turbine part.

In a dedicated area, FANUC will showcase a range of robots of varying sizes and capacities, suitable for both novice and experienced programmers. These versatile robots will be highlighted in live demonstrations, showcasing their capabilities in container handling, palletizing, assembly, casting transfer, and battery handling.

Furthermore, three demonstrations will incorporate the FANUC iPC Box (industrial PC), offering high computing power and advanced vision functions to enhance performance and task reliability.

Among the new FANUC robots making their debut appearance at EMO will be the CRX-25iA collaborative robot with a 30 kg payload option, the FANUC M-710iD/50M with its curved arm, and the CR-35iB collaborative robot in a heavy-duty 50 kg option.

FANUC’s IoT highlight at EMO will introduce a new ‘FIELD system’ version. The FIELD system Basic Package offers an on-premise platform that enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and utilize data from connected machines and devices. It boasts compatibility with FANUC products up to 20 years old and extends support to third-party products. With rapid setup, user-friendly templates, and regular updates, users can realize continuous production improvements in line with Kaizen strategies.

Finally, EMO visitors will gain insights into FANUC’s latest service enhancements, including features of the Fanuc Assisted Reality (FAR) remote support tool. Notable features include tablet-sharing on a CRX collaborative robot with direct call capability to FANUC. Additionally, attendees will receive an overview of the company’s service portfolio, Fanuc Academy training courses, and Fanuc Care, a comprehensive full-service package akin to an extended warranty.

For more information, be sure to visit FANUC’s stand at EMO Hannover 2023, taking place from September 18th to 23rd.


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