BigChange Unveils Customer Portal for Streamlined Online Job Booking and Tracking

by Anna

BigChange, a leading provider of job management and mobile workforce solutions, has launched a cutting-edge customer portal aimed at enhancing user convenience and transparency. This innovative portal offers BigChange’s clients a streamlined way to book and monitor jobs online, providing real-time insights into job statuses, historical data, and even the location of engineers in transit.

Primarily catering to industries such as facilities management, electrical contracting, heating engineering, and plant hire, BigChange has been instrumental in helping businesses transition from traditional paper-based operations to efficient digital workflows. With the introduction of the customer portal, corporate customers can now conveniently access their account information anytime, anywhere, and from any connected device, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical job-related data.


Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange, notes, “BigChange is proving particularly popular with service companies that want to expand and win larger contracts. With the introduction of digital working and a very flexible app, they find they can meet the most stringent demands of larger corporate and public sector clients. The portal provides a transparent, easy-to-access, and real-time view of all jobs and finances, it’s exactly what their customers want.”


The newly unveiled customer dashboard is an integral part of BigChange’s comprehensive job management system, which encompasses a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management, and business intelligence.


To initiate a service request, whether it’s an emergency call-out or a new installation, customers simply complete an on-screen booking form, complete with a calendar for selecting and requesting a preferred time slot. Once confirmed, the job is promptly assigned and scheduled. BigChange’s software can then automate notifications, including reminders and job completion updates. Simultaneously, customers can effortlessly monitor job progress via the portal, with immediate access to job cards, quotes, and invoices.


BigChange has collaborated closely with its clients to develop and refine the portal’s features, with a strong focus on accessibility, customization, and user-friendliness. The portal’s website adheres to international accessibility standards, ensuring it is accessible to individuals with disabilities while offering a user-friendly experience for all.

Jonathan Isaacs elaborates, “We realized that the customer portal would be, in effect, the public face of our customers, in the eyes of their own customers. So, we set out to make it as professional and easy to use as possible, as well as seamlessly integrating into their clients’ own working practices and branding. And to ensure there are no barriers to its use, we’ve also made sure it meets the most demanding standards, such as offering very high levels of accessibility.”

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