SLOTLIGHT Infinity II: A Versatile, Sustainable, and Human-Centric Lighting Solution

by Anna

In the pursuit of future-proof, human-centric lighting solutions, the SLOTLIGHT Infinity II light line family has emerged as a beacon, setting the stage for buildings to serve generations with enduring enjoyment and prosperity. This confidence stems from its sustainable design, aligning seamlessly with Zumtobel’s Circular Design Rules, and the system’s remarkable adaptability and modular versatility.

These light lines are engineered for effortless installation in various configurations, from continuous lines to creative arrangements like X or T shapes, and even around corners. Additionally, they can be equipped with an IP54 protection rating and emergency lighting capabilities, ensuring both durability and safety as per requirements.


Reliable for Diverse Applications

The SLOTLIGHT Infinity II represents a forward-looking light line family designed to be as straightforward or intricate as the application demands. Its versatility is further extended as it is backward-compatible with the SLOTLIGHT Infinity I. This adaptability allows it to serve as a surface-mounted, recessed, or pendant luminaire, catering to indoor and sheltered outdoor environments.


Furthermore, the packaging has been optimized to reduce material usage and guarantee complete protection during transit. The 100% cardboard packaging is seamlessly reintegrated into the raw materials cycle, contributing to sustainability efforts.


The design of SLOTLIGHT Infinity II revolves around three core components: the channel, LED batten, and optics. The channel, available in three versatile versions, shapes the luminaire:


Installation channel with a surrounding frame
Installation channel for drywall construction
Surface-mounted channel, which can also be suspended and accommodates indirect LED modules for uniform ceiling illumination.
By streamlining the number of channels from eight to three and delivering them without integrated drivers or loop-through wiring, the complexity is significantly reduced, simplifying product selection and on-site customization.

The LED batten houses high-quality, high-performance lighting technology, including control gear and an LED module.

Enhanced Lighting Performance

SLOTLIGHT Infinity II offers five distinct optics:

Opal cover
Office cover
Minicell cover
Asymmetric beam cover
Innovative drop diffuser
The innovative drop diffuser minimizes repeated refraction, resulting in up to a 15% increase in light efficiency and reduced glare perception. It also incorporates an indirect light component of 10%, which illuminates the ceiling, structures the room, and expands the space.

The latest LED chip generation elevates luminous efficacy by over 10%. Depending on the configuration, SLOTLIGHT Infinity II offers up to a 25% increase in light efficiency compared to its predecessors, achieving a luminous efficacy of up to 150lm/W, depending on the chosen options and optics. It is also available with stableWhite (3000K, 4000K) and tunableWhite (2700 to 6500K). What sets it apart is the ability to combine these options, allowing for adjustments in the balance between direct and indirect light. Additionally, tunableWhite can now be employed for indirect lighting, and an updated product configurator facilitates the combination of different parameters.

A Foundation for Advanced Infrastructure

SLOTLIGHT Infinity II facilitates not only parallel lines but also louvre or cross-shaped lighting installations, thanks to newly designed connection modules in L, X, and T shapes, as well as 90-degree corner connectors. This light line serves as the foundation for an advanced lighting infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with downlights, spotlights, or sensors for future digital services. It utilizes a seven-pole terminal, encompassing three phases and two lines each for DALI and emergency lighting.

Conversion kits for straightforward light retrofitting are available, with loop-through wiring integrated into the LED batten, streamlining assembly and disassembly, particularly during renovation projects.

Secure and Protected

With its IP54 protection rating, SLOTLIGHT Infinity II is fully shielded against splash water and dust from all angles along its entire length. A foldable end cap gasket ensures a dependable seal, even in joint areas. Additionally, the luminaire can be equipped with emergency lighting functionality in 250mm increments, ranging from 1-2m, ensuring the safety of building occupants in various settings, from office buildings to educational institutions.

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