MC Mühlenchemie Introduces Cutting-Edge Pilot Dryer for Precise Pasta Production Simulation

by Anna

Date: September 6, 2023


Ahrensburg, Germany – MC Mühlenchemie, a leader in providing comprehensive services to pasta manufacturers, is enhancing its 360° service offering with a significant technological advancement. The company now enables pasta makers to simulate industrial pasta production with nearly 100% accuracy, revolutionizing the testing and development of pasta recipes.


The pasta production process is highly intricate and influenced by numerous variables. Constant adaptations are required to meet evolving consumer preferences, incorporate different flours, and manage cost pressures effectively. When developing new pasta recipes and production methods, translating theoretical predictions into practical results presents a substantial challenge.

Traditional industrial-scale testing can be prohibitively expensive due to the significant quantities of raw materials required. This often results in protracted development timelines with high error rates and rejected batches.

MC Mühlenchemie has introduced a groundbreaking pilot dryer that replicates the conditions of a commercial pasta dryer but on a smaller scale. Distinguishing itself from conventional laboratory dryers, this system provides a dynamic environment that faithfully mimics the process flow of industrial pasta production.

The newly developed dryer is designed to be adaptable for various types of pasta and offers precise control over the drying process. An integrated scale continuously monitors the drying curve in real time, supplying crucial information on the progress of the drying process. Armed with this data, MC’s technologists can fine-tune parameters such as temperature, moisture levels, airflow, and drying time, ultimately enhancing production quality and efficiency.

MC Mühlenchemie’s development team emphasizes its ability to customize drying times to meet the specific needs of their clients. Whether a short 100-minute drying period for short-cut pasta varieties like penne and fusilli or an extended 180-minute duration for long-cut pasta such as spaghetti, the new dryer can accommodate these specifications. It also caters to various customer-specific drying equipment and processes, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, it can replicate the extended six-hour drying times preferred by customers who adhere to traditional pasta-making methods.

“This represents a pivotal addition to our pasta laboratory and aligns perfectly with our comprehensive 360° service,” states Jana Russnak, Leader of Pasta Applications at MC Mühlenchemie. “With this innovative dryer from Fava, we can meticulously recreate the precise conditions of any pasta production scenario. This allows us to gain the deepest insights into the interactions between raw materials, ingredients, and the production process, effectively bridging the gap between laboratory testing and real-world commercial production.”


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