ARMD Partners with Reheat to Combat Tool Theft Plaguing Tradespeople

by Anna

Reheat, a prominent player in the heating and plumbing industry, has found a robust ally in ARMD, a specialized service designed to shield tradespeople from the escalating threat of tool theft. The crux of Reheat’s success hinges on the tools wielded by its engineers, who, like many in the trade, find themselves prime targets for theft.

Founder Matt Green underscores the importance of tools to their livelihood, stating, “Tools are our livelihood, and I think heating and plumbing installers need more tools than most other trades. Along with our phone number, those things together make or break businesses.”


Regrettably, the truth remains that van and tool theft has emerged as an alarming concern for tradespeople in recent times. Over the past two years, the UK has witnessed a staggering 150% surge in van break-ins, averaging one incident every 19 minutes. Shockingly, 86% of these perpetrators evade justice. Among the most vulnerable are plumbing and heating professionals, owing to the high value of their tools.


The repercussions of tool theft extend beyond mere financial losses. Insurance settlements often entail protracted processing times, rendering tradespeople unable to work in the interim. This results in an average daily income loss of £350. In some unfortunate cases, installers fail to meet specific policy requirements and are thus unable to file claims.


Despite Matt Green’s vigilance in safeguarding his company against tool theft, Reheat still fell victim to a theft incident. An engineer parked a company van in a supermarket car park during the early evening, only to return and discover that it had been forcibly entered. Costly and indispensable tools were pilfered, leading to a substantial financial setback and operational disruption for Reheat.


Confronted with these formidable challenges, Matt Green turned to ARMD, a tailor-made service designed to address the unique needs of tradespeople. ARMD’s user-friendly app, intelligent van alarm, and tracker, coupled with innovative insurance offerings, provide comprehensive protection across four crucial dimensions: recording, safeguarding, insuring, and replacing.

ARMD’s tool insurance has been purposefully crafted to expedite recovery in the aftermath of theft incidents, ensuring comprehensive coverage around the clock. This negates the need for tradespeople to remove tools from their vans at night. In the event of a claim, tradespeople can effortlessly submit a claim report directly from the app, streamlining the process and minimizing business disruptions.

The ARMD GUARD Smart Van alarm and tracker deliver an additional layer of security, promptly notifying users of break-ins via phone call and facilitating immediate response. GPS tracking aids in pinpointing the location of stolen vans, providing invaluable peace of mind to business owners, including Matt Green.

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