Tata Group Invests £4 Billion in UK Electric Car Battery Factory

by Anna

Tata Group has announced a significant investment of £4 billion in a new electric car battery factory located in the South West of the United Kingdom. The move comes as part of Tata’s broader strategy to expand its presence in the electric vehicle (EV) market.


The facility, known as the SeAH Wind monopile manufacturing facility, is currently under construction at Teesworks and is expected to be the world’s largest monopile production plant once completed. These monopiles serve as the foundations for offshore wind turbines, a crucial component in the growing renewable energy sector.


The SeAH Wind factory spans an impressive 800 meters in length and stands at a towering 40 meters in height. It is set to produce up to 200 monopiles annually, making a substantial contribution to the offshore wind energy sector.

The monopiles manufactured at this facility will be used in the construction of offshore wind farms, further supporting the UK’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy infrastructure. The factory’s strategic location at Teesworks allows for easy transportation of these monopiles to the North Sea for installation.

To facilitate this ambitious project, Tata Group has entered into a £100 million-plus partnership with British Steel and Severfield, both prominent players in the UK’s steel industry. Steel supplied by British Steel’s Teesside Beam Mill will be used in the construction of the SeAH Wind facility, ensuring high-quality materials are employed in the manufacturing process. Severfield will be responsible for fabricating the steel before installation at the site.

This project is seen as a significant boost to the local economy, with almost 400 people currently employed at the site. As the project progresses, additional jobs are expected to become available, with 750 direct jobs and a forecasted 1,500 jobs throughout the supply chain.

British Steel will supply over 30,000 tonnes of steel for this endeavor, and recycled steel from former steelworks sites will also be incorporated into the construction, aligning with sustainability and circular economy principles.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen expressed enthusiasm for the project’s potential to provide jobs, opportunities, and prosperity to the Teesside, Darlington, and Hartlepool regions. He emphasized the importance of utilizing local talent and expertise in steelmaking to support the UK’s transition to green energy.

The SeAH Wind monopile manufacturing facility represents a significant step toward establishing the Teesside region as a leader in the green energy sector. The project is expected to contribute to the UK’s renewable energy goals and create a sustainable future for the region’s workforce.


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