DigiKey Expands Supplier Portfolio in 2023 to Bolster Engineering Community’s Access to Innovative Technologies

by Anna

DigiKey, a prominent global commerce distributor renowned for offering the industry’s largest selection of technical components and automation products for immediate shipment, has announced a substantial expansion of its portfolio in the first half of 2023. This expansion involves the addition of 300 new suppliers across their core business, DigiKey Marketplace, and the Fulfilled by DigiKey program.

Mike Slater, Vice President of Global Business Development for DigiKey, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing the engineering community with access to the latest and most innovative technologies, stating, “DigiKey is focused on adding the newest and most innovative technologies to carry the widest selection for the engineering community.” He further explained that the company continuously evaluates its supplier mix to address technology gaps and ensure that the technologies offered comply with regulations in their respective regions.


Among the key suppliers recently integrated into the DigiKey portfolio in 2023 are prominent names such as Alps Alpine, Amphenol LTW, Ambiq Micro, HELUKABEL, and Zettler Magnetics. Additionally, long-term suppliers are expanding their offerings by introducing new products from various divisions. DigiKey’s expansion is notably prominent in the industrial sector, particularly in controls, sensors, motors, and advanced products in industrial automation.


DigiKey serves as an authorized distributor for electronic components from over 2,400 industry-leading suppliers. This authorization ensures that the products ordered by engineers, designers, procurement professionals, and makers are authentic and sourced directly from the manufacturer.


The company is also diversifying its product offerings and supplier base in emerging product categories through its DigiKey Marketplace. This single-source platform covers all aspects of technology innovation, encompassing bare PCB boards, industrial automation, test and measurement equipment, IoT solutions, and virtually all technology-related products and adjacent innovations, providing customers with a unified shopping experience.


DigiKey’s Fulfilled by DigiKey program leverages its state-of-the-art warehouse and logistics center to provide third-party logistics (3PL) services. This program, coupled with its extensive global customer base and world-class on-demand fulfillment capabilities, empowers suppliers to effectively market, sell, pick, pack, and globally distribute their products while benefiting from DigiKey’s reputation and expertise.

DigiKey’s continuous expansion and commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies underscore its dedication to facilitating innovation and access to a comprehensive array of components and solutions for the engineering community.

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