Xcel Energy Initiates Rollout of Smart Meters in Wisconsin to Modernize Grid and Empower Customers

by Anna

Xcel Energy has officially launched the deployment of smart electricity meters in its Wisconsin service region, marking a significant milestone in the modernization of its power grid. The rollout will commence in the southern communities and is part of a comprehensive plan to install over 260,000 smart meters across the service area by 2025.

Xcel Energy’s grid modernization efforts have previously focused on enhancing capacity and reliability through the development of new and improved power lines and substations. With the introduction of smart meters, customers will gain the ability to manage their energy consumption effectively, bolster system reliability, and expedite power restoration following outages.


Karl Hoesly, President of Xcel Energy – Wisconsin, expressed enthusiasm about the advancement, stating, “We’re excited to take this next step in building a smarter, more resilient, and efficient energy grid and making it easier than ever for customers to understand and manage their energy use. Smart meters are the starting point for this advanced grid, boosting reliability and providing new tools and technology to help customers lower costs.”


Smart meters will empower customers with near real-time energy consumption data, accessible through Xcel Energy’s ‘My Account app’ or online portal. Additionally, customers will gain access to programs and services designed to enhance their understanding of energy usage, improve efficiency, and identify opportunities for savings.


The majority of Xcel Energy’s existing meters are AMR (Automated Meter Reading) meters, making this transition a significant leap forward in providing advanced metering capabilities to its customers.


Beyond Wisconsin, Xcel Energy has ongoing smart meter rollouts in service areas located in Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas. Tentative rollout plans for North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico (in 2024), and Michigan (in 2025) demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing its grid infrastructure and empowering customers across its service territories.

Xcel Energy serves approximately 3.7 million electricity and 2.1 million natural gas customers across eight service territories, solidifying its dedication to delivering reliable and innovative energy solutions.

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