KM Tools Ltd Invests in Cutting-Edge Machinery, Elevating its Engineering Solutions Portfolio

by Anna

KM Tools Ltd (KMT) has reaffirmed its commitment to providing tailored machinery and engineering services by making a significant investment in cutting-edge technology. The acquisition of a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine and press brake underscores KMT’s dedication to offering a comprehensive suite of engineering solutions.


KMT’s unwavering commitment to an integrated approach for each project ensures that equipment is delivered cost-effectively and with punctuality, meeting the unique needs of their clientele.


Adrian Degg, Group Engineering Director at KMT, emphasized the significance of design in every project, stating, “Design is an essential part of every project. Our expert engineering teams collaborate closely with customers to outline application requirements, creating blueprints and CAD models for sign-off in specified formats. Virtually any machine design is possible when working together with a turnkey service provider like KMT.”

Once the design phase is completed, KMT’s in-house fabrication facility springs into action, swiftly producing customized equipment frames and tooling. Their cutting-edge LVD type PPEB320/30 press brake and LVD type Phoenix FL-3015 6 kW fiber laser cutting machine uphold the highest quality standards in manufacturing.

Degg further explained, “Machines are more than just metal. A complete electromechanical approach means almost any system can be integrated into a machine design. This includes powertrains, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, controls, and instrumentation.”

In addition to crafting new machines, KMT offers a robust refurbishment service, breathing new life into legacy equipment. This extends their service life and significantly enhances efficiency and reliability, all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new machines.

Following construction and rigorous testing, KMT takes charge of delivery and installation at the customer’s production facility. Their in-house approach and reduced lead times ensure swift and straightforward machine installation, minimizing operational downtime.

KMT’s commitment to comprehensive service extends beyond this point. They provide round-the-clock maintenance support services to ensure the future reliability of equipment.

Degg added, “Maintenance personnel can be made available to proactively service machines, reducing downtime, and ultimately ensuring availability. This can even include stationing dedicated teams at production facilities.”

With an extensive suite of services encompassing design, fabrication, construction, installation, and maintenance, all backed by cutting-edge laser cutting and press brake capabilities, KMT leaves no engineering project too vast or intricate to tackle. Their investment in state-of-the-art machinery reinforces their position as a leading provider of engineering solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clientele.


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