XYZ Machine Tools Prioritizes Top-Notch After-Sales Service for Customer Satisfaction

by Anna

For XYZ Machine Tools, the pursuit of excellence extends beyond the sale; it’s deeply rooted in their commitment to providing exceptional after-sales service to their customers. With approximately 25,000 machines in operation across the UK, XYZ Machine Tools places a paramount emphasis on ensuring these machines remain productive and profitable for their valued clients.

Nigel Atherton, the Managing Director of XYZ Machine Tools, elaborated on this commitment, stating, “Our primary objective is to keep all 25,000 machines cutting metal and generating revenue for our customers.” This mission underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to customer success.


A crucial asset in achieving this goal is the company’s highly skilled team of engineers, boasting an impressive cumulative experience of over 300 years in XYZ machines. These seasoned experts bring their technical prowess to customers, delivering a first-class service experience. Strategically stationed across the country are 17 service engineers equipped with 150 of the most commonly required spare parts in their service vans, ensuring swift on-site support.


At the company’s headquarters in Burlescombe, Devon, an additional eight service specialists are stationed, each dedicated to specific technical domains such as software and control queries. This ensures that customers receive tailored and expert assistance for their unique needs.


When a service request is received, it is meticulously logged, prioritized, and assigned to the most suitable engineer. For cases requiring spare parts, the machine’s serial number allows for swift identification, and with 90% of parts readily available, next-day delivery is standard practice.


Remarkably, over 50% of service calls are resolved over the phone, a figure that climbs to an astounding 90% for programming and software-related queries. To expedite solutions, XYZ Machine Tools offers an array of ‘How To’ documents and instructional videos designed to address common questions and support issues, contributing to a rapid resolution time, typically within 24 hours.

For cases necessitating an on-site visit, the company schedules appointments to align with the arrival of the nearest service engineer the following day, along with any additional spare parts required that may not be stocked in their service van.

To further streamline their service, XYZ Machine Tools employs live tracking technology to monitor the locations of their service vans, ensuring that warranty breakdowns are typically resolved within 48 hours or less, while non-warranty breakdowns receive attention within a maximum of 72 hours.

XYZ Machine Tools extends customer support through optional extended warranty plans and service plans, which include regular scheduled maintenance performed by their dedicated service team, guaranteeing trouble-free machining.

Maintaining a strong commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements, the company invests heavily in continuous training for its engineers, ensuring they remain up-to-date with new machines and evolving technologies. They are also building a comprehensive knowledge base to empower their team to deliver optimized customer service.

Across the UK, XYZ Machine Tools operates six showrooms and training centers, located in Burlescombe, Slough, Nuneaton, Huddersfield, Livingston, and Sheffield. In addition, five applications engineers collaborate with the sales team to provide machine demonstrations and training, either at their centers or on-site at the customer’s facility.

Nigel Atherton encapsulated the company’s ethos, saying, “We invest heavily in supporting our customers, continually training our engineers, bringing on new talent, and refining how we respond to customer demands. XYZ Machine Tools has built a reputation for first-class service, and we always endeavor to keep our standards as high as possible.” With this unwavering commitment, XYZ Machine Tools remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service, solidifying its status as an industry leader.

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