University of Wolverhampton Racing Team Accelerates Success with Moore & Wright Metrology Tools

by Anna

The University of Wolverhampton Racing Team (UWR) is on a trajectory for triumph at the esteemed Formula Student (FS) competition, with invaluable assistance from Moore & Wright metrology tools, courtesy of Bowers Group.


The Formula Student competition stands as a revered global platform that nurtures enterprising and ingenious young engineers, while also inspiring a new wave of talent to pursue careers in engineering. Orchestrated by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the event is commemorating its 25th anniversary in 2023.


Amid the rigorous demands imposed on participating teams, the UWR team tackles the formidable challenge of designing, fabricating, and racing a single-seat formula-style race car. Precision engineering assumes a paramount role throughout this process, as it ensures both optimal performance and the safety of the vehicle.

In the annual event, the UWR team confronts the task of crafting a car from inception that not only surpasses stringent performance standards but also adheres to meticulous design and manufacturing tolerances. This endeavor compels students to exhibit project management skills and infuse innovative attributes within permissible parameters. Their journey commences with a concept, mirroring the operations of a business, integrating engineering design and validation, project management, hands-on manufacturing, and exhaustive testing.

For several years, Bowers Group has been a dedicated sponsor of the University of Wolverhampton Racing Team, extending its support to aspiring engineering students. This collaboration has significantly enriched students’ exposure to industry-standard tools and granted them a profound comprehension of precision measurement principles.

Through its sponsorship, Bowers Group equips both the UWR team and the School of Engineering with essential tools that augment racing performance and elevate practical learning. These instruments emulate professional equipment, affording students a hands-on experience that transcends theoretical knowledge. This pivotal backing bridges the chasm between classroom teachings and real-world applications.

Paul Bates, Technical & Business Resource Manager at the University of Wolverhampton, affirms, “The Moore & Wright tools available in our metrology suite offer hands-on experience for our students, including those in the Formula Student project. It helps them understand precision measurement and the importance of accuracy.”

“These tools play a significant role in our Formula Student team’s daily work. They rely on them for accurate measurements, and it is notable that many team members have even purchased their own sets. This speaks volumes for the tools’ quality and reliability. It’s great to see students carrying this practical knowledge into their future careers.”

Moore & Wright hand tools play an integral role in ensuring accuracy and precision throughout the car’s construction. They offer steadfast support and aid in measuring critical components, guaranteeing alignment with precise specifications delineated in the design blueprints. The brand’s established reputation for precision imbues the team with confidence as they meticulously construct the racing car.

The Moore & Wright digital caliper and digital micrometer furnish UWR with versatile tools that have served diverse purposes during the Formula Student car’s assembly. From enhancing speed and handling to bolstering reliability, these tools have proved indispensable.

The team harnesses the Moore & Wright caliper to measure components, inspect brake discs, evaluate wheel alignment, validate engine machining, and ascertain safety cage integrity. Furthermore, it assesses wheel hub dimensions and ensures the impeccable fit and finish of multiple components.

The caliper’s digital readout obviates the risk of human error, yielding dependable measurements down to the minutest decimal. This level of precision empowers the team to meticulously fine-tune suspension setups, providing a competitive advantage in optimizing their Formula Student car’s performance to its fullest potential.

In the 2023 iteration of the event, the UWR Formula Student team showcased their dedication and diligence, securing a remarkable 17th place out of 64 participating universities, with a commendable 4th position finish in dynamic events, particularly acceleration.

This accomplishment represents the team’s second-best performance in the span of 7 years of competition, and their most impressive outcome since clinching the 11th position in 2017. The commitment to innovation and collaboration resonated both on and off the track, manifested through meticulous engineering and deliberate design decisions.


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