Automation Takes Center Stage at EMO Hannover 2023: Unveiling Industry’s Robotic Evolution

by Anna

As anticipation builds for EMO Hannover 2023, a global gathering of industrial innovators, the spotlight is firmly fixed on automation. Scheduled from September 18 to 23, this event will host a myriad of discussions and displays centered around automation, a pivotal subject currently capturing the industry’s attention. The upcoming expo is expected to witness an array of exhibitors, nearly 1,800 in number, unveiling products and services that delve into the realm of automation.


“Automation has not only been a prominent subject in recent years due to cost considerations but is now being reexamined in light of the skilled labor shortage, supply chain uncertainties, and the burgeoning demand for sustainable growth,” shares Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) and organizer of EMO Hannover, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.


The global landscape has witnessed a surge in robot installations, reaching unprecedented levels. The International Federation of Robotics predicts that the year gone by saw the installation of over 570,000 new robot systems across the globe.

Industries spanning diverse sectors are heavily investing in automation to maintain their productivity and competitive edge. This strategic shift towards automation also bolsters their resilience and adaptability, enabling them to cater to surging demand with heightened efficacy.

Among the noteworthy trends within the robotics domain is the rise of ‘cobots’ – collaborative industrial robots – which occupy a unique niche. This market segment is experiencing remarkable growth, buoyed by increasing demand.

Dr. Schäfer elaborates, “The contemporary market presents a diverse array of cobots, characterized by extended reach and higher payload capabilities. These robots have spawned entire business ecosystems, encompassing not only the robots themselves but also compatible plug-and-play accessories such as grippers, image processing systems, measuring tools, software, industrial electronics, feeding systems, and even online application developers.”

The swift proliferation of cobots within various industries has spurred EMO Hannover to introduce its Open Space Cobot Solutions Area, situated at Stand A54 in Hall 9. Nine exhibitors, including Elite Robots, Fanuc, Hannweber, Ifsys, Kassow Robots, Kuka, Lorch, Robco, and Sick, will converge in this collaborative space, collectively aspiring to empower their customers as they venture into novel business domains.

The offerings on display encompass an array of AI solutions tailored for mobile robots, augmented reality applications, and reprogramming ease to adapt to evolving requirements. Exhibitors are aiming to present the intuitive reprogramming of robots, ensuring adaptability without a steep learning curve.

Kuka, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, unveils a versatile and user-friendly cobot, allowing visitors to experience its capabilities through hands-on demonstrations at the event. Benjamin Woltmann, Marketing Manager at Kuka Germany, articulates, “Our primary goal is to simplify robot programming and operation to the level of using a standard smartphone.”

In a similar vein, Robco GmbH from Munich is aligning its strategy. By amalgamating a patented modular robot, user-friendly software, and an agile, fully-networked industrial robot, the company aims to revolutionize production paradigms. Sina Isabell Springer, Global Partner Manager at Robco, highlights the modular robot’s potential, which guarantees maximal flexibility by enabling rapid reprogramming to accommodate shifting project requirements. This innovative approach also facilitates remote assessment and mitigation of robot wear-and-tear, reducing disruptions in the production process.

EMO Hannover 2023 stands as a testament to the industry’s relentless pursuit of innovation through automation. This event promises to be a pivotal platform where industry leaders and enthusiasts converge to shape the future of automation and redefine the boundaries of industrial possibilities.


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