CharIN Establishes Wireless Power Transfer Task Force to Drive Standardization in EV Charging

by Anna

Global – The standards association for electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, CharIN, has initiated the formation of a new task force dedicated to wireless power transfer technology. Commencing its activities in early September, the task force is poised to advance the adoption and standardization of wireless charging solutions for EVs on a global scale.


CharIN’s wireless power transfer task force is a collaborative effort with key industry players including Siemens AG, WiTricity Corporation, and MAHLE chargeBIG. The task force’s primary objective is to bridge existing gaps and promote the successful integration and utilization of wireless charging technology in the evolving landscape of electric mobility.


By aligning standards and harmonizing wireless power transfer technology, the task force aims to expedite the seamless integration of wireless charging across diverse EV platforms. Defining the scope and applicability of wireless charging will be pivotal in ensuring its compatibility within various contexts.

The task force will also be responsible for establishing rigorous test protocols and certification guidelines to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and compatibility of wireless charging solutions across different platforms. Interoperability will be a key focus, emphasizing the need for dependable and consistent performance.

Moreover, the task force intends to address the coexistence of relevant wireless power transfer technologies. This collaborative approach seeks to establish a cohesive ecosystem that supports the future of EV charging through wireless technology.

The participation of experts with comprehensive knowledge of wireless charging technology is solicited from both CharIN members and non-members. The establishment of this task force underlines the industry’s commitment to fostering innovation and advancing the efficiency of EV charging solutions.

Wireless charging has gained momentum in various sectors, including mobile devices, and presents a promising opportunity for EVs due to its convenience and potential for streamlined integration. Both static and dynamic wireless charging options are available, catering to different scenarios such as parked charging and charging while driving.

Wireless charging technology is rapidly evolving, with efficiency and charging times now comparable to or even surpassing those of traditional plug-in chargers. Partnerships and initiatives are emerging globally to implement wireless charging in various contexts, from upgrading existing vehicle models to introducing dynamic charging solutions on highways.

The initiative to establish a wireless EV charging grant program in the US highlights the growing emphasis on wireless charging’s potential across multiple settings, including roads, bus routes, parking areas, and airports.

CharIN’s wireless power transfer task force serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts driving innovation in the EV charging landscape, enabling a future where wireless technology plays a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of electric mobility.


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