Envisage Group Joins Forces with Make UK to Promote Manufacturing Careers on National Manufacturing Day

by Anna

As the UK manufacturing sector grapples with a critical skills shortage, Envisage Group, a Midlands-based bespoke engineering services company, is taking proactive steps to address this challenge. In collaboration with the manufacturers’ organization Make UK, Envisage Group is leveraging National Manufacturing Day on September 28th to inspire interest in the sector and showcase the diverse range of careers it offers.


Envisage Group is opening its doors to the local communities in Coventry, offering individuals of all ages, from students making subject choices to seasoned professionals considering a manufacturing career, the opportunity to witness firsthand the exciting possibilities within this dynamic sector. The initiative is part of a broader effort across the UK to celebrate National Manufacturing Day.


The timing of this initiative is particularly significant as WorldSkills UK highlights that the manufacturing sector is facing a crisis due to one of the most severe skills shortages in modern history. A report commissioned by the organization in May 2023 unveiled concerning statistics. Despite numerous job openings categorized as ‘hard to fill,’ only 49% of manufacturing employers collaborate with training providers to equip young individuals with relevant skills.

Moreover, the report reveals that 41% of manufacturers make no active efforts to attract young talent to the sector. A staggering 83% of young people encounter barriers when trying to enter manufacturing, with 48% lacking information about the entry process. These challenges have led 60% of young individuals to dismiss the idea of pursuing a manufacturing career.

The imperative of attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds to the sector is crucial for the continued global prominence of the country’s manufacturing industry. Nick Colledge, Managing Director of Envisage Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for National Manufacturing Day, emphasizing the significance of interacting with students, teachers, and career advisors. He emphasized that the industry’s demand for skills spans various domains, from traditional manufacturing roles to HR, finance, IT, and marketing.

Colledge highlighted the broad spectrum of sectors encompassed by manufacturing, including automotive, aerospace, engineering, defense, and bespoke product development. The event aims to demonstrate the value of manufacturing apprenticeships as an alternative pathway to acquiring valuable skills while pursuing higher education.

Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, lauded the collaborative effort, underlining the significance of National Manufacturing Day in celebrating British innovation and production. Phipson emphasized the sector’s potential for remarkable career opportunities and hoped that the event would provide an insight into the inner workings of local businesses, fostering interest and awareness among participants.

Envisage Group’s partnership with Make UK signifies a proactive approach to address the skills shortage crisis while spotlighting the multifaceted opportunities within the manufacturing sector. As the nation embraces National Manufacturing Day, it celebrates the sector’s innovation and contributions, inspiring the next generation of skilled professionals to explore and excel in manufacturing careers.


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