Burckhardt Compression’s Rapid Solution Ensures Sustainable Hydrogen Production Amidst Gas Supply Challenge

by Anna

In a testament to its commitment to advancing circular economy principles and preserving finite natural resources, an environmental solutions company confronted a pressing challenge regarding its hydrogen production process. This quandary arose due to a marked decline in natural gas supply, which necessitated an innovative approach to ensure uninterrupted operations.


To surmount this hurdle, Burckhardt Compression, a leader in compression technology, swiftly devised a pragmatic and cost-effective solution that hinged on the strategic use of expansion technology. This ingenious intervention promptly reinstated the gas supply to the requisite level, thereby facilitating seamless hydrogen production while upholding the company’s steadfast sustainability aspirations.


At the heart of its operations, the environmental solutions firm champions sustainable waste management practices, exemplified through the production of hydrogen via steam methane reforming. This hydrogen plays a pivotal role across diverse applications, including fuel cell vehicles, power generation, and industrial processes, significantly contributing to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Initially reliant on a natural gas supply pressured at 16 bar (232 psi), the company encountered a pivotal transition when apprised of the impending reduction in pressure levels to 8 bar (116 psi) and subsequently to 4 bar (58 psi). In the face of this transition, a critical mandate emerged: to uphold hydrogen production by maintaining the natural gas supply at the original 16 bar pressure. This called for a swift, effective solution capable of adeptly accommodating the evolving process gas pressure while ensuring the hydrogen production process remained undisrupted.

Promptly exploring a spectrum of possibilities, the company’s on-site engineering experts discerned an optimal solution within the offering of Burckhardt Compression.

Burckhardt Compression introduced a duo of previously untouched Laby 2K90-2E gas compressors, hailing from its inventory of second-hand compressors. This choice facilitated expedited procurement, with a mere five-month turnaround—remarkably shorter compared to alternatives offered by competing entities.

Delivered as bare shaft compressors from stock in Switzerland, the two Laby compressors seamlessly integrated into the company’s operations. The ardent collaboration between the technical team from Burckhardt Compression Brazil and the engineering experts in Switzerland ensured the meticulous installation and commissioning of the solution, attesting to a global synergy in execution.

Burckhardt Compression’s intervention not only effectively addressed the immediate challenge at hand but also engendered a comprehensive, future-oriented turnkey solution. This solution guarantees sustained operational efficacy and longevity while perpetuating the original gas pressure. Notably, the project’s execution remained within budgetary confines, underscoring the triumphant alignment of efficient problem-solving and fiscal prudence.

In navigating the intricate landscape of hydrogen production amidst evolving gas supply dynamics, Burckhardt Compression’s adeptness not only restored operational stability but also fortified the company’s trajectory toward sustainable, forward-looking investments.


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