Calibrationhouse Invests £500,000 to Expand Calibration Services

by Anna

Calibrationhouse, a reputable UKAS-accredited calibration services provider, has announced a significant investment of £500,000 to enhance and streamline equipment calibration for the manufacturing industry.


The investment will introduce a range of new services, allowing Calibrationhouse to offer a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for calibration needs, with the majority of services now available directly at customers’ premises.


In the past year, Calibrationhouse introduced new calibration capabilities, including bore gauges, high-pressure up to 700 bar, verniers, micrometers, height gauges, thermal imaging cameras, anemometers, and torque wrenches up to 1000nm. Additionally, the company expanded its services to include inclinometers, protractors, and enhanced temperature calibration services.

In 2024, Calibrationhouse is further expanding its portfolio by offering calibration services for force gauges, current transformers, high-pressure gauges, liquid flow meters, mass instruments, gauge blocks, and humidity devices. These additions complete a comprehensive range of capabilities covering electrical, temperature, pressure, flow, dimensional, and humidity calibration disciplines.

Calibrationhouse’s team of engineers can now deliver a wide range of calibration services directly at customers’ premises, ensuring minimal downtime for crucial test equipment. Alternatively, manufacturers still have the option to send their equipment to Calibrationhouse’s base in Peterlee for back-to-base calibration, completed within five working days from receipt.

Andrew Simpson, Manager at Calibrationhouse, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing high-quality calibration solutions. He stated, “We are proud to offer a comprehensive calibration solution of the highest quality, enabling us to meet almost all of our customers’ test equipment calibration needs.”

Simpson highlighted the significance of Calibrationhouse’s expanded capabilities, which now allow manufacturers to rely on a single provider for their calibration requirements. He emphasized that Calibrationhouse’s extensive range of capabilities, from bore gauges to pressure gauges, positions the company as a preferred ‘one-stop-shop’ for manufacturing companies.

With over 1,500 satisfied customers already benefiting from its services, Calibrationhouse is dedicated to setting new standards for calibration in the manufacturing industry. Their comprehensive service offerings promise greater efficiency, reliability, and reduced downtime for manufacturers, solidifying Calibrationhouse as an ideal partner in the sector.


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