Ennovi Unveils Groundbreaking Lamination Method

by Anna

Ennovi, a pioneering force in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) technology, has introduced an innovative lamination method poised to revolutionize EV battery manufacturing. This cutting-edge approach targets the critical cell contacting system (CCS), a fundamental component responsible for connecting individual cells within the battery pack. By enhancing CCS assembly processes, Ennovi aims to significantly improve efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across the EV battery industry.

Traditionally, CCS assembly has posed various challenges, including increased weight and complexity, potentially compromising vehicle performance. Ennovi’s breakthrough lamination technique promises to overcome these obstacles, paving the way for lighter, more cost-effective, and easier-to-manufacture battery packs.


The CCS assembly is a complex system comprising current collectors, electrodes, electrolyte, separator, and casing, all intricately interconnected to form a cohesive energy source. Ennovi’s method focuses on optimizing the assembly of current collector assemblies (CCA), which play a pivotal role in consolidating the power output of multiple cells into a single unit.


Conventional CCS assembly processes typically involve molded plastic trays and foams to support and insulate individual battery cells. While effective in ensuring precise cell alignment and energy transfer, these techniques often result in added weight and complexity, particularly in larger EV modules.


Ennovi’s innovative approach simplifies CCS assembly complexity by introducing advanced lamination techniques that eliminate the need for molded trays and foams. Leveraging both hot and cold lamination processes, Ennovi achieves superior precision without the constraints of traditional methods. While hot lamination offers enhanced quality and durability, cold lamination provides a more cost-effective alternative with shorter cycle times.


Through meticulous testing of materials such as PET insulation foils and adhesives, Ennovi ensures optimal bond strength and durability, streamlining the CCS assembly process. By transitioning from bulky plastic trays to advanced lamination methods, battery manufacturers can reduce costs, produce thinner CCS assemblies, and maintain precise tolerances to accommodate larger battery packs.

Ennovi’s groundbreaking innovation promises improved flexibility and efficiency for global OEMs and tier-one suppliers, enhancing structural integrity, lifespan, and manufacturing cycle times. With a focus on durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, Ennovi aims to deliver higher-quality, longer-lasting CCS current collectors, driving the future of EV battery technology forward.

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