Israeli Companies Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging with Wireless Technology

by Anna

Tel Aviv-based companies Charging Robotics Inc. and Make My Day Ltd. are on the cusp of introducing a revolutionary wireless charging technology aimed at simplifying the process of charging electric vehicles (EVs). Their collaborative effort involves the development of a streamlined, energy-efficient wireless charging system tailored for car parks.

By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the software solution aims to optimize EV charging in automatic car parks. This innovative approach promises to enhance efficiency, minimize wastage, and ensure the optimal utilization of electricity resources.


Automatic car parks, known for their ability to autonomously park vehicles in vertical garages without human intervention, are gaining traction in densely populated urban areas. While these parking systems offer advantages such as increased vehicle density, enhanced security, and cost savings, the surge in EV adoption poses a new challenge—ensuring sufficient electricity supply to adequately charge parked EVs.


The charging management software, integrated with Charging Robotics’ wireless charging infrastructure, addresses this challenge by intelligently distributing charging power. Employing predictive algorithms, the software determines the appropriate amount of electricity each EV requires based on its anticipated usage patterns. Moreover, the sequencing of charges is optimized by prioritizing vehicles expected to depart the car park sooner. Factors such as vehicle type and individual driving behaviors further inform the distribution of charging power.


Drawing from Make My Day’s expertise in EV fleet management, the software interfaces seamlessly with Charging Robotics’ wireless charger user interface. Key data for predictive algorithms can be sourced directly from the EV or via a mobile app accessible to the driver.


Charging Robotics’ stationary wireless charging solutions, capable of delivering up to 10 kW of electricity with efficiencies reaching 95%, eliminate the need for physical plugs, relying instead on small coils and advanced power electronics. Additionally, the company offers mobile charging solutions, allowing drivers to direct autonomous robots beneath their vehicles to deliver a charge directly to the EV’s batteries.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Charging Robotics specializes in developing mobile robotic and stationary wireless charging solutions, while Make My Day focuses on EV fleet management solutions, aiding companies in transitioning their vehicle fleets to electric drivetrain technologies. This collaborative effort between the two Israeli companies signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of EV charging infrastructure, promising a more convenient and efficient future for electric mobility.

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