PTG Holroyd Unveils Major Enhancement to 4EX-R-BL CNC Rotor Milling Machine

by Anna

PTG Holroyd, a renowned name in precision engineering solutions, has announced a significant upgrade to its 4EX-R-BL (BL = blower) dual-capability CNC rotor milling machine. This enhancement aims to solidify the machine’s standing as a premier choice for manufacturers seeking to streamline their production capabilities effectively.


Originally introduced in 2015, the 4EX-R-BL was conceived to bridge a gap in the market for a rotor milling machine capable of precision-milling both traditional helical compressor rotors and low-pressure output displacement compressors, such as Roots-type and rotary lobe blowers.


Over the years, the 4EX-R-BL machines have empowered numerous organizations to revolutionize their rotor milling processes, significantly slashing manufacturing time while enhancing production accuracy.

Aligned with PTG Holroyd’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, the upgraded 4EX-R-BL will feature Siemens SINUMERIK ONE future-proof CNC as standard, with Fanuc’s 30i-Model B Plus CNC offered as an alternative.

A Comprehensive Redesign

The revamped 4EX-R-BL models boast mechanical enhancements, including a completely redesigned machine bed and worktable capable of accommodating components of up to 450 mm in diameter. Both the bed length and width have been increased to provide enhanced support against higher cutter forces.

Moreover, to augment the machine’s milling capabilities, the bed height has been reduced by 150 mm, with additional buttress supports ensuring heightened stability during flute milling, reinforcing an already robust machine structure.

Expanding Capabilities

The maximum cutter width has been extended from 320mm to 400mm, facilitating the machining of particularly large rotor profiles. Holroyd’s HSK 160 cutter spindle interface enhances cutter rigidity, ensuring optimal performance.

Streamlined Production

Equipped to mill helical rotors of up to 450 mm in diameter, the 4EX-R-BL can rough mill blower blanks of 320 mm in diameter and 900 mm in length into straight-fluted rotors in just 30 minutes floor-to-floor, ready for finish profile milling. This represents a remarkable time-saving compared to traditional milling techniques, which typically require one-and-a-half to two hours for individual Roots-type blower rotor flutes.

Marking a Paradigm Shift

Mark Curran, Sales Director at PTG Holroyd, highlighted the transformative impact of the 4EX-R-BL on manufacturing processes. Traditionally, producing rotors for Roots-type blowers entailed labor-intensive processes with manual interventions. However, with the 4EX-R-BL, the manufacturing process is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual indexing during flute milling.

Versatility Redefined

In a comprehensive revision of a highly successful machine, the upgraded 4EX-R-BL offers unparalleled versatility, capable of producing all helixes from horizontal to vertical for various applications, including helical rotors, infinite lead blowers, compressor rotors, and vacuum pumps.

In essence, PTG Holroyd’s enhanced 4EX-R-BL sets a new standard in rotor milling technology, revolutionizing manufacturing processes and offering unparalleled efficiency and precision.


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