Advanced Energy Introduces Next-Gen AC-DC Conversion Platform for Renewable Energy

by Anna

Advanced Energy, a leader in power solutions, has unveiled its latest AC-DC conversion platform, offering engineers a versatile solution to address the evolving challenges of renewable energy integration. As renewable energy sources gain prominence, the demand for efficient DC energy storage devices is increasing. AC-DC converters play a crucial role in this landscape by facilitating the conversion of AC from renewables into DC for battery charging. However, traditional converters face hurdles such as efficiency optimization, voltage regulation, and size constraints.


In response to these challenges, Advanced Energy has launched a new generation of high-power modular AC-DC conversion platforms, promising enhanced flexibility and performance. These platforms are designed to streamline system configuration and power scaling while optimizing performance, addressing the pressing needs of engineers in various industries.


Essential to the operation of numerous industries, including electronics, automotive systems, and renewable energy installations, AC-DC converters are indispensable for converting AC voltage into DC voltage. This conversion process involves several stages, including voltage step-down and isolation using transformers, rectification using diode bridges, and waveform smoothing using filtering components like capacitors.

Engineers tasked with designing AC-DC converters encounter multiple challenges, including power factor optimization, efficiency enhancement, thermal management, and scalability. Advanced Energy’s Evergreen platform aims to address these challenges with its cutting-edge modular design and impressive technical specifications.

With a maximum AC input of 528 VAC and a power factor of 0.98, the Evergreen modules achieve over 95% efficiency, making them suitable for high-power critical applications. The platform boasts a power density of 38 W/in³, integrated isolation transformers, and a maximum DC output voltage of 60 VDC, catering to a wide range of power requirements.

One of the platform’s standout features is its modular design approach, allowing for optimized performance, instant customization, and seamless power scaling. Engineers can easily scale the total system output by connecting multiple shelves on a standard 19” rack, making it ideal for demanding precision high-power applications across various industries.

In addition to its technical prowess, Advanced Energy’s Evergreen platform is designed to reduce time to market and costs while ensuring reliability, repeatability, and efficiency. With plans to implement centralized system communication and control, as well as mobile device compatibility, the platform aims to offer wireless functionalities for enhanced monitoring, diagnostics, and data retrieval.

Overall, Advanced Energy’s Evergreen platform represents a significant step forward in AC-DC conversion technology, promising to empower engineers and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions in various industries.


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