Autodesk Report Highlights Resilience and Optimism in UK’s Design and Make Industries

by Anna

Autodesk, Inc. has unveiled a new report showcasing a resurgence of resilience and optimism within the UK’s Design and Make sectors. Despite ongoing challenges in navigating turbulent trading conditions, managing costs, attracting talent, and upskilling the workforce remain paramount objectives for businesses.


The 2024 State of Design & Make report, now in its second year, draws insights from 5,400 global business leaders, including 589 from the UK, spanning across architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO), product design and manufacturing (D&M), and media and entertainment (M&E) sectors.


Amidst workforce aging and leaner teams, many businesses are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance operational attractiveness. Notably, the report indicates a growing trust in AI technologies, with 79% of UK respondents expressing confidence in its potential to revolutionize their industries.

Looking forward, amidst economic recovery efforts following a recent recession, UK businesses display a heightened readiness for change and adaptability, surpassing the global average. Notably, 81% of UK respondents affirm their companies’ preparedness to navigate unforeseen economic or geopolitical shifts.

Despite mounting optimism, uncertainties persist, with 47% of respondents expressing a sense of increased global volatility compared to three years prior. This uncertainty is driving proactive measures among UK firms, including new offerings, market expansions, agility enhancements, and supply chain diversification, albeit against a backdrop of cost containment and talent acquisition challenges.

AI emerges as a cornerstone of business transformation, with over three-fifths of respondents integrating or approaching integration of AI into their operations. Leveraging AI, businesses aim to boost productivity, automate tasks, and address talent shortages amidst digitalization.

Notwithstanding progress, talent shortage and cost control remain primary hurdles for UK businesses, with 35% of leaders citing cost control as a major challenge. Additionally, environmental sustainability and talent acquisition and retention pose significant concerns.

Asif Moghal, Director of D&M Market & Industry Development at Autodesk, underscores the importance of technology adoption in driving efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. He emphasizes the role of digital technologies in augmenting workforce capabilities and addressing talent shortages.

Efforts to bridge the skills gap through continuous learning initiatives are gaining momentum, with 76% of companies implementing such programs. Sustainability initiatives are also gaining prominence, with 84% of businesses viewing them as integral to future growth strategies.

In conclusion, the report underscores the resilience and optimism prevailing within the UK’s Design and Make industries, fueled by technology adoption, talent development, and sustainability imperatives.


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