Crete United and ProStar Energy Solutions Join Forces to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Built Environments

by Anna

In a bid to address the pressing need for energy efficiency in built environments, Crete United and ProStar Energy Solutions have embarked on a collaborative journey to revolutionize energy consumption optimization.


The term “built environment” encompasses the entirety of human-made structures where individuals live, work, and engage in recreational activities, encompassing everything from buildings to roads and infrastructure. As environmental concerns escalate, the imperative for energy-efficient built environments becomes increasingly pronounced. This entails the meticulous optimization of energy utilization across various domains, including insulation, lighting, HVAC systems, and the seamless integration of renewable energy sources.


Navigating the Challenges of the Built Environment

The challenges within the realm of the built environment are multifaceted. Climate change presents a formidable obstacle, with densely populated urban areas particularly vulnerable to increased flood risks and exacerbated heat waves. Lifestyle choices, characterized by the prevalent use of energy-intensive appliances and private transportation, further compound these challenges. Additionally, outdated building designs, inadequate insulation, and inefficient HVAC and lighting systems contribute to energy inefficiency, leading to excessive consumption, elevated operating costs, and heightened environmental impact.

A Joint Effort for Energy Efficiency

In response to these challenges, Crete United and ProStar Energy Solutions have forged a strategic partnership aimed at optimizing energy consumption in built environments. Central to this collaboration is a connected delivery model, integrating Crete United’s expertise in HVAC, electrical, and mechanical systems with ProStar’s data-driven energy management solutions. Leveraging ProStar’s Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the partnership seeks to optimize HVAC systems and energy procurement processes, thereby reducing energy consumption and enhancing operational efficiency.

ProStar’s proven track record, characterized by average base load reductions of 30%, underscores the efficacy of its data-backed approach. Through a suite of patented building automation solutions, ProStar empowers building owners and facility managers to optimize energy utilization, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability objectives. By synergizing their respective strengths, Crete United and ProStar aspire to catalyze transformative change within the existing built environment.

Illuminating the Path Forward

As a testament to their commitment, Crete United intends to establish a regional office at ProStar’s Frisco, Texas location. With a shared revenue target of $1 billion on the horizon, both companies are optimistic about the profound financial and societal impact of their partnership. Together, they aim to illuminate the path towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for built environments across the globe.


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