Xage Research Highlights Continued Growth of Zero Trust Security in Industrial Environments

by Anna

Xage, a global leader in zero trust access and protection, has released new research shedding light on the expanding adoption of zero trust security measures to safeguard IT and OT environments. The findings, unveiled as part of the State of Zero Trust in the Industrial Enterprise Report, provide insights into the current landscape and trajectory of zero trust security implementation, particularly within critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.


As cybersecurity threats evolve, necessitating more robust security standards for both IT and OT systems, the report underscores the growing prominence of zero trust principles within industrial settings. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the imperative to integrate zero trust into their security programs to enhance safety, reliability, and resilience across enterprise environments.


According to Jonathon Gordon, Industry Analyst at Takepoint Research, “While zero trust is not a one-size-fits-all model, the data shows that organizations are evolving their understanding of zero trust as a strategy to enhance the safety, security, and reliability of both their enterprise IT and OT environments.”

Key findings from the report include:

72 percent of surveyed organizations have initiated the adoption of zero trust principles, with 38 percent establishing, implementing, and optimizing zero trust control measures.

Data security emerges as a primary concern, with 78 percent expressing concern or significant concern about data sharing.

Protecting against unauthorized access and tampering ranks as the top worry for 55 percent of respondents.

Top challenges related to securing OT environments include IT/OT integration (77 percent), protection against ransomware threats (76 percent), and modernizing remote access (55 percent).

Industries exhibit varying rates of transformation, with Durable
Manufacturing leading the charge at 90 percent agreement on integrating IT/OT and digital transformation. Conversely, the Oil & Gas sector lags behind at 35 percent agreement.

Sri Sundaralingam, SVP of Marketing at Xage, emphasized the importance of navigating through the complexities of zero trust strategies amidst market confusion. “The survey results underscore the increasing adoption of zero trust across industrial sectors, aimed at mitigating crucial business risks while propelling digital transformation alongside new business initiatives.”

In conclusion, Xage’s research reinforces the pivotal role of zero trust security in safeguarding critical infrastructure and manufacturing environments against evolving cybersecurity threats. By embracing zero trust principles, organizations can fortify their defenses, enhance resilience, and ensure the integrity of their operations in an increasingly digital and interconnected landscape.


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