Infineon Unveils Dual-Phase Power Modules to Elevate Efficiency in AI Data Centers

by Anna

In the epoch of artificial intelligence (AI) proliferation, where technology reshapes industries and human interactions, the exponential growth of AI applications is accompanied by a surge in computational demands, placing unprecedented strain on energy resources. Addressing the burgeoning energy consumption of AI operations necessitates innovative solutions in energy-efficient hardware design. Infineon, a global leader in semiconductor solutions, has stepped forward with its groundbreaking TDM2254xD dual-phase power module series, poised to revolutionize power supply efficiency in AI data centers.


AI’s Expanding Energy Appetite:

AI’s voracious appetite for power stems primarily from the intensive computations performed by its hardware components, notably CPUs and GPUs. Throughout AI algorithms’ execution, processors engage in intricate computations, necessitating significant electrical energy to power their circuits and components. Furthermore, the incorporation of memory modules and networking components in AI systems adds to the overall power consumption during operation. Particularly during training phases, where AI models undergo iterative processes involving complex computations and heavy GPU usage, power consumption reaches its zenith.


Infineon’s Solution:

Infineon’s TDM2254xD series dual-phase power modules herald a paradigm shift in PSU efficiency tailored specifically for AI applications. Unveiled at this year’s Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), these modules leverage OptiMOS MOSFETs and feature a pioneering packaging design alongside a proprietary magnetic structure, culminating in superior electrical and thermal performance. The optimized inductor design facilitates efficient heat transfer from the power stage to the heat sink, enabling support for peak currents up to 160 A in compact form factors and enhancing power density while reducing power delivery losses.

Driving Efficiency Gains:

Infineon’s dual-phase power modules achieve efficiency gains of two percentage points higher at full load compared to conventional solutions, reaching an impressive 89%. Operating at temperatures 5°C cooler at full load, these modules optimize power delivery, positioning them as pivotal components in AI servers requiring greater power supply than standard servers. Coupled with Infineon’s XDP power controller, these modules enable efficient voltage regulation for high-performance computing platforms, thereby ensuring superior electrical, thermal, and mechanical operation.

A Path to Decarbonization:

Beyond mere efficiency enhancements, Infineon’s endeavor signifies a holistic approach to data center optimization, aligning with the imperative of decarbonization. By pioneering more efficient power modules and maximizing performance gains across all facets of the data center, Infineon aims to propel the transition towards a sustainable future. With AI poised to play an increasingly pivotal role in society, Infineon’s dual-phase power modules epitomize the convergence of technological innovation and environmental stewardship, charting a course towards a greener, more efficient AI-driven landscape.


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