Vision Engineering Ltd Expands Milturn Finishing with State-of-the-Art Facility in Leicestershire

by Anna

Vision Engineering Ltd, a prominent British engineering company, has recently relocated its anodising arm, Milturn Finishing, to a cutting-edge facility in Measham, Leicestershire. This move comes following the company’s acquisition of Milturn Finishing in 2022. Positioned strategically in the Midlands, the new location offers strategic advantages, tapping into the region’s status as a major hub for UK manufacturing, innovation, and a skilled workforce.


The newly inaugurated site boasts ISO9001 certification and features modern facilities, including sizable 3m x 1.5m anodising tanks. These tanks have been designed to accommodate larger workpieces, facilitating the efficient processing of entire components without the need for disassembly. This innovative approach significantly reduces processing time and cost, while the increased tank depth allows for complete submersion of parts, ensuring consistent coating thickness and quality across the entire surface.


One of the notable benefits of the larger tanks is their ability to handle batch processing of smaller parts more efficiently. This minimizes handling time and the potential for damage, thus enhancing overall productivity. Additionally, Milturn Finishing’s implementation of a high-load crane ensures safe and efficient handling of heavy workpieces, resulting in improved throughput and productivity. The crane’s capability to handle multiple parts simultaneously further contributes to streamlining operations.

Milturn Finishing’s service offerings extend beyond traditional anodising processes. The facility specializes in accurate masking and demasking of complex parts pre and post-anodising, enabling high-precision selective anodising while maintaining dimensional integrity. This commitment to precision not only enhances process efficiency but also ensures consistently high-quality results.

Furthermore, Milturn Finishing distinguishes itself through its extensive experience, professional advice, and competitive pricing. The company offers a fast-track service, free delivery and collection, as well as complimentary quotation and sampling services, providing a comprehensive solution for customers’ finishing needs.

The clientele of Milturn Finishing spans various industries, including professional film camera manufacturing, seagoing marine equipment, automotive components, and high-end shop and hotel fittings. These industries share a common requirement for reliable, well-finished components that can withstand intensive use and harsh environmental conditions.

Steve Mead, Director of Manufacturing at Vision Engineering, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the expansion, stating, “We are delighted to be adding these new modern finishing facilities to our Manufacturing Services offer. They enable us not only to improve the way we meet the needs of our existing finishing customers but also present a real opportunity to attract new, Midlands-based customers to Milturn Finishing’s customer base.”

With its state-of-the-art facility and commitment to excellence, Milturn Finishing is poised to continue its legacy of delivering superior finishing solutions to clients across a diverse range of industries.


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