Yamazaki Mazak Introduces Cutting-Edge FT-150 FIBER Laser Tube Processing Machine at Tube 2024

by Anna

Yamazaki Mazak, a renowned name in the manufacturing industry, is set to unveil its latest innovation, the FT-150 FIBER laser tube processing machine, at Tube 2024. This state-of-the-art machine is designed for high-speed cutting of small to medium diameter tubes, catering to a wide range of industries including construction, furniture, architecture, and automotive.


The FT-150 FIBER boasts the capability to cut round, square, and rectangular pipes with diameters of up to 152.4mm, making it ideal for various applications. What sets this machine apart is its integration with the new SmoothTUBE CNC, making its European debut at the exhibition. This cutting-edge CNC system features a user-friendly Graphical User Interface and Human Machine Interface, offering operators easy production scheduling, programming, and monitoring capabilities.


Equipped with dual monitors, the FT-150 FIBER allows operators to run multiple applications simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The large 21.5-inch touch screen displays provide clear visibility of machine status and cutting conditions at a glance.

In terms of versatility, the FT-150 FIBER can handle a wide variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. It offers multiple processes such as cutting, tapping, and thermal drilling, eliminating the need for secondary processes like punch press and deburring.

Key features incorporated into the machine design ensure precise and high-quality cutting results. These include support units for long workpieces to prevent sagging, a tilting laser head for accurate bevel cutting, and an internal spatter guard to protect the workpiece surface from burning. Additionally, automatic functions such as auto-profiler calibration and nozzle cleaning further enhance productivity while prioritizing operator safety with a fully enclosed cover.

The FT-150 FIBER is available in four different options, each equipped with a 3.0 kW resonator, catering to various workpiece lengths from 6,500mm up to 8,000mm.

In addition to the FT-150 FIBER, Yamazaki Mazak will showcase the new CAD/CAM software, TUBE DX, designed to simplify programming and drawing import operations. This comprehensive software integrates all steps in the programming process, from CAD import to automatic nesting of tubes, streamlining manufacturing operations.

Furthermore, Mazak will introduce Mazak iCONNECT, a digital service offering free services such as product manuals and e-learning for existing Mazak customers. The Machine-2-Mazak (M2M) subscription service under iCONNECT enables increased machine monitoring, proactive maintenance strategies, and remote support to optimize machining processes, ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency.

Gaetano Lo Guzzo, Director of Laser Business Europe at Yamazaki Mazak, expressed excitement about the FT-150 FIBER and its accompanying technologies, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive speed, accuracy, and profitability in laser cutting operations. He also highlighted Mazak’s industry-leading service and support capabilities, ensuring machines perform optimally with minimal downtime. Visitors to Tube 2024 can expect a showcase of innovation and excellence from Yamazaki Mazak, setting new standards in the laser cutting arena.


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