Nukon Partners with Lantek to Elevate Laser Technology with Cutting-Edge Software

by Anna

Nukon, a premium Turkish laser manufacturer, has joined forces with Lantek, a leading provider of software solutions for the metal industry, to enhance the capabilities of its 2D and 3D laser technology. Nukon’s UK and Ireland distributor, Nukon Lasers UK, has collaborated closely with Lantek’s UK office for the past two years, resulting in the successful installation of multiple cutting-edge machines.

Steve Haddrell, Sales Director at Nukon Lasers UK, expressed the significance of their partnership with Lantek, highlighting the integration of Nukon’s advanced laser technology with Lantek’s Expert software for 2D lasers and Flex3D software for tube cutting lasers. Nukon Lasers UK, part of the Unison Ltd family, chose Nukon for its expertise in the fiber laser market, providing technically advanced machines to industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive.


Haddrell emphasized the maturity of 2D laser technology and credited the quality of Lantek’s software as a key differentiator for Nukon in the market. Lantek’s software, including features such as heat dissipation, job estimates, film burning for plastic-coated sheets, common line cutting, and powerful nesting, ensures optimal material yield and productivity for Nukon’s customers.


Nukon’s lasers incorporate advanced technology, utilizing US-made high-quality nLIGHT resonators with CutLine adaptive beam control for real-time adjustments during cutting. This technology enhances the finish on thicker materials, providing a smoother outcome via the tuneable beam profile.


Nukon machines feature Beckhoff controls and drives, piercing and cut sensors, automatic nozzle changing, and various options for load/unload automation. The range includes the NK-T160 tube machine, capable of processing up to 4kW power, handling 226mm diameter tubes, and U L H and I sections up to 160mm² with minimal scrap.


According to Haddrell, the partnership with Lantek ensures that Nukon customers are productive within days of machine installation, emphasizing the confidence they have in the success of each project. The support and depth of knowledge provided by Lantek’s staff contribute to the overall quality and functionality of the software.

Adam Ball, Lantek UK Software Solutions Manager, expressed the value of the partnership, noting that Nukon aligns well with Lantek’s multivendor approach. Lantek’s software solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with various cutting machines, backed by 35 years of research and development. Beyond software for cutting machines, Lantek offers integration with existing business systems and extends administrative capabilities through its MES, quoting, and CRM systems, aiming to revolutionize work processes, productivity, and profitability for companies in the metal industry.

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