ITG Electronics and STMicroelectronics Forge Partnership to Elevate AI and Data Center Power Conversion

by Anna

In a strategic collaboration, magnetic and EMI component manufacturer, ITG Electronics, has joined forces with semiconductor giant STMicroelectronics to pioneer the next era of magnetic components tailored for artificial intelligence (AI) and data center power conversion systems. The alliance is set to propel advancements in ST’s patented 48 V to 12 V stacked buck converter reference design, enhancing power capacity and introducing cost savings, performance improvements, and design flexibility.


The focal point of this partnership is the development of the “stacked buck converter with unified coupled inductor,” leveraging ITG’s L101353A-3R6MHF non-coupling dual inductors. This collaboration is poised to revolutionize power modules within AI and high-power centralized computing applications, responding to the escalating demand and industry focus on AI technologies.


Driving Force in AI Sector

The collaboration comes at a time of heightened interest and momentum in the AI sector, notably fueled by OpenAI’s GPT large language models. Industry leaders, including NVIDIA, have witnessed significant growth, with the company’s recent quarterly sales tripling year over year due to the escalating demand for AI processing infrastructure.

Within the realm of advanced AI chips from companies like NVIDIA and Intel, which demand substantial power (1,000 W or more), ST’s stacked buck converter design plays a crucial role. This design converts the 48 VDC input bus to an intermediate 12 VDC, powering point-of-load converters that generate the processor core and I/O rails. The result is a more efficient and high-performance conversion topology, particularly crucial for data center systems utilizing high-power digital processors.

Key Components and Design Advancements

ST’s stacked buck converter design incorporates the PM6780 dual digital multiphase controller and STPRDC02A high-voltage full-bridge drivers. The inclusion of ITG’s L101353A-3R6MHF non-coupling dual inductors significantly expands the reference supply’s power capacity to up to 1,500 W. This collaboration promises not only enhanced power efficiency but also notable advancements in performance and design flexibility.

The dual inductors from ITG, part of the L101353A series, are tailored for 48 V direct power conversion applications in demanding data center environments. With the capability to handle currents up to 170 A at 25°C, these inductors minimize power losses with a low DCR of 1.06 mΩ and reduced core losses. Their small form factor, with a low height profile of just 24 mm and a footprint of 24.5 mm x 26 mm, aligns with the demand for compact, high-performance components in the evolving landscape of AI and data center technologies.

Innovation at the Core

The partnership between ITG Electronics and STMicroelectronics exemplifies a commitment to innovation at the core of AI and data center power conversion. As the industry continues to evolve, the collaborative efforts of these leading entities are set to shape the future of magnetic components, offering solutions that not only meet the current demands of advanced technologies but also lay the foundation for continued growth and efficiency in the rapidly expanding AI sector.


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