CloudNC Expands Reach of CAM Assist AI Solution in North America Through Partnership with DSI

by Anna

London, UK – CloudNC, a UK-based manufacturing technology company backed by Autodesk and Lockheed Martin, has revealed a strategic partnership with Design and Software International (DSI) to extend the availability of CAM Assist, the world’s first AI solution for CNC machine programming, to the North American market.

DSI, recognized as the largest reseller for Autodesk Fusion in the United States, will act as a reseller for CAM Assist, making it accessible to thousands of North American CAM CAD programmers. This collaboration is set to facilitate a faster adoption of CAM Assist among existing Fusion customers, empowering manufacturers in the United States and Canada to benefit from the efficiency gains offered by the innovative solution.


CAM Assist, launched in 2023, utilizes advanced computer science techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate precise machining strategies for 3-axis parts within seconds, a process that traditionally took CNC machine programmers hours or even days to complete manually.


Theo Saville, Founder of CloudNC, emphasized the transformative impact of CAM Assist on precision machining. He noted, “CAM Assist is a game-changer for precision machining, and this agreement with DSI brings its benefits to US users far faster.”


Jon Caliguri, President of DSI, highlighted the innovative nature of CAM Assist and its ability to address key challenges in the manufacturing sector. He mentioned, “CAM Assist is designed to help manufacturers break through the barriers that traditionally hinder the scaling of programming operations.”


CAM Assist not only reduces the learning curve for new programmers but also enhances efficiency in existing programming teams. Additionally, it aids in quoting jobs more accurately and in less time, making sophisticated manufacturing accessible for businesses of all sizes.

The software, optimized for 3-axis components, is currently undergoing beta testing for multi-axis capabilities, expected to be available to users later in 2024. The partnership with DSI is anticipated to accelerate the adoption of CAM Assist in the North American manufacturing landscape.

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