Moog Construction Pioneers Modular Battery System for Easy Electrification of Diesel-Powered Heavy Equipment

by Anna

The construction industry, responsible for 20% of global emissions, faces a critical challenge in decarbonization. Heavy equipment, essential for construction projects, typically relies on diesel engines, contributing significantly to climate change. Moog Construction has introduced a groundbreaking solution, the ZQuip modular battery system, offering fleets a cost-effective and flexible way to convert diesel-powered equipment into zero-emission vehicles.


Challenges in Heavy Equipment Electrification:

Electrifying heavy construction machinery poses challenges due to the industry’s unique demands and current limitations in electric vehicle technology. These challenges include the substantial power requirements of heavy equipment, limited charging infrastructure in remote construction sites, and the need for durable and rugged electric systems capable of withstanding harsh conditions.


Moog Construction’s ZQuip Modular Battery System:

The ZQuip modular battery system addresses these challenges with innovative solutions. At its core are the 70- and 140-kWh energy modules, designed to be interchangeable across various construction machinery, regardless of size, type, or manufacturer. Operating at 700 volts, these energy modules ensure a high level of serviceability, runtime, and compatibility.

Key Components of the ZQuip System:

Interchangeable Energy Modules: The 70- and 140-kWh energy modules provide flexibility and compatibility across different types of construction machinery, enabling a standardized approach to electrification.

Conversion Kit: The ZQuip conversion kit includes a battery harness, electric motor, and an AI-driven thermal management system. This kit is crucial for converting traditional diesel-powered equipment into efficient and environmentally friendly electric versions.

Connectivity Features: The system incorporates the Internet of Things (IoT) with connectivity features, allowing real-time monitoring of fleet activities and battery life. This connectivity enhances operational efficiency, eliminates range anxiety, and maximizes uptime.

Tailored Battery Capacity: ZQuip offers inherent flexibility, allowing for tailored battery capacity to match specific job requirements. This ensures efficient and cost-effective operation by avoiding unnecessary overcapacity.

Impact on Construction Industry:

The ZQuip modular battery system represents a significant step toward decarbonizing the construction industry. As heavy equipment contributes substantially to global greenhouse gas emissions, the ability to convert diesel-powered machinery into zero-emission vehicles is a game-changer. Moog Construction aims to catalyze the industry’s transition to a more sustainable future by providing an accessible and cost-effective electrification solution.

By addressing the challenges of heavy equipment electrification, Moog Construction’s ZQuip system opens the door to broader adoption of zero-emission construction machinery. As construction companies strive to meet decarbonization goals, this modular battery system offers a promising and scalable solution for a more sustainable construction industry.


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