ASG Group’s Simon Weston Advocates Bold Approach for UK Aerospace Resurgence

by Anna

Simon Weston, the Managing Director of ASG Group in Stockport, takes a bullish stance on the resurgence of the UK aerospace industry, emphasizing strategic investment and proactive measures to position suppliers for future success.


The UK aerospace industry, a historical cornerstone of the nation’s industrial prowess, is experiencing a resurgence after navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Simon Weston, the Managing Director of ASG Group, asserts the need for a proactive approach and strategic investment to capitalize on the opportunities and ensure sustained success in the evolving aerospace landscape.


Weston acknowledges the historical significance of the aerospace sector in contributing to economic growth and technological innovation in the UK. However, the disruptions induced by the pandemic underscored vulnerabilities in global supply chains and intensified competition for skilled talent, posing challenges to the industry’s resilience.

Advocating for a bold stance, Weston emphasizes the imperative for UK aerospace and defence suppliers to embrace innovation, fortify supply chains, and strategically invest in talent acquisition and retention. He sees the forecasted aerospace boom as a golden opportunity for the industry to reclaim its global leadership position.

To address vulnerabilities in global supply chains, Weston suggests diversification and strengthening of local supply networks. ASG Group exemplifies this approach by forging strategic partnerships, investing in cutting-edge technologies, and enhancing supply network resilience through plant investments and acquisitions.

The industry’s demand for specialized skills amplifies the importance of talent acquisition and retention. Weston highlights the need for fostering a culture of continuous learning, investing in training programs, collaborating with educational institutions, and promoting workforce diversity to secure a robust talent pipeline.

ASG Group’s recent addition of Produmax to its portfolio in late 2023 exemplifies its commitment to growth and enhanced machining capabilities. Weston remains optimistic about the growth potential for ASG Group and the broader UK aerospace and defence sector, emphasizing the importance of being bold, agile, and innovative to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

In conclusion, Simon Weston and ASG Group are positioned as industry leaders, urging counterparts to adopt a bullish approach, invest strategically, and contribute to the success of the UK aerospace and defence sector in this era of resurgence.


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