FDA Endorses Electronic Ab Stimulators for Muscle Enhancement, but Caution Advised

by Anna

In a recent development, electronic ab stimulators, a subset of electronic muscle stimulators (EMS), have gained FDA endorsement for their potential in strengthening core muscles and aiding muscle tightening and toning. These devices leverage electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contractions, contributing to muscle development.


Expert Opinions and FDA Guidance

Despite the promising nature of ab stimulators, experts such as Lori Shemek, PhD, and Lisa Espinoza, MD, urge a balanced perspective. While acknowledging the devices’ effectiveness to some extent, they emphasize that these should not replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. Visible changes, they caution, may take around two months, requiring patience.


The FDA also weighs in, affirming that while certain ab stimulators contribute to muscle strength and toning, they are not transformative without lifestyle changes. The administration expresses concerns about unregulated stimulators linked to adverse outcomes like shocks, burns, bruises, and interference with medical devices.

Safety Concerns and Recommendations

Safety concerns extend to risks like accidental shock and electrocution, prompting medical professionals to advocate supervised usage and sufficient muscle recovery time. They stress a holistic fitness approach, integrating a balanced diet and traditional exercise, for overall health and weight management.

The Neubie Device Case

One standout device in this field is the Neubie, utilizing direct current stimulation to enhance nerves and cellular healing. Effective in addressing issues like muscle tightness or joint discomfort, the Neubie often shows substantial progress in a single session. Ellis Chiropractic offers personalized 15-minute sessions, potentially covered by insurance plans with therapeutic exercise benefits. As the FDA endorses ab stimulators, caution and a comprehensive approach remain key in their usage.


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