Advancements in Light-Duty Mobile Workstations Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Efficiency

by Anna

Pharmaceutical manufacturers operating in lower-grade cleanrooms now have access to cost-effective alternatives to traditional stainless-steel mobile computing workstations. Unlike their robust counterparts necessary for higher-grade facilities, these new light-duty options offer similar functionality at a fraction of the cost, catering to the specific needs of Class C and D cleanrooms.


Developed in response to requests from technology integrators serving leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, these innovative light-duty mobile workstations introduce a flexible and economical approach to mobile computing in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Paul Shu from ARISTA Corporation, a prominent provider of computing platforms for pharmaceutical manufacturing, emphasizes the advantages of these mobile workstations in terms of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


Unlike fixed workstations, light-duty mobile workstations provide enhanced flexibility in equipment movement and positioning, presenting a cost-effective alternative to their stainless-steel counterparts. ARISTA’s models, such as the AMW-101 and AMW-102, are specifically designed for use in pharmaceutical applications where cleanliness, flexible access to computing power, and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial.

These light-duty units, constructed from alternative materials suitable for Class C and D cleanrooms, offer a broader range of options compared to stainless steel. They provide flexibility in choosing computers, monitors, and other peripherals, accommodating various configurations and brand preferences.

These mobile workstations are particularly beneficial in space-constrained pharmaceutical plants, replacing multiple fixed workstations without installation costs. With optional lithium batteries, these mobile units can operate on an uninterruptible power source, offering 4 to 8 hours of usage before recharging. The inclusion of Wi-Fi capability ensures uninterrupted wireless communication within cleanrooms, laboratories, and factories, streamlining operations and eliminating extra steps in communication with facility servers.

To enhance user experience and ergonomics, the mobile workstations feature adjustable height LCD displays with swivel capabilities and support for dual displays in portrait or landscape mode. Barcode scanner holders on both sides of the unit, along with optional barcode label printer shelves, facilitate efficient material verification and identification.

Moreover, these light-duty mobile workstations can be fully customized to meet specific requirements, offering flexibility in LCD display size, choice of computer brands, and other configurations. This adaptability addresses the ever-changing manufacturing configurations in the pharmaceutical industry.

As pharmaceutical plants navigate market pressures, the adoption of light-duty mobile workstations in lower-grade cleanrooms presents a significant cost-saving opportunity compared to traditional stainless-steel units. Offering full workstation capabilities, enhanced mobility, and diverse peripheral options, these light-duty units emerge as a pivotal alternative for pharmaceutical professionals aiming to optimize profitability and productivity in plant processes.


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