Leader Chuck International Launches Monthly Webinar Series to Address Workholding Challenges

by Anna

Leader Chuck International, a prominent provider of workholding solutions, manufacturing ancillary systems, and business efficiency services in the UK, has unveiled details of its forthcoming First Tuesday Webinar (FTW), a monthly webinar series created to address the most common workholding queries frequently posed to the seasoned experts at Leader.

Mark Jones, Managing Director at Leader Chuck International, emphasized the industry’s eagerness for in-depth knowledge regarding fixturing. He noted, “There is no doubt that there is a thirst for fixturing knowledge within the manufacturing sector. From straightforward vice setups to semi-automated jigs and fixtures, and even more advanced fully automated clamping device changeovers, which were recently showcased at EMO, workholding can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency.”


Jones underscored that the benefits of the right workholding application extend beyond workshop performance metrics. Achieving consistent geometric tolerances, producing components to precise specifications, improving surface finishes, and prolonging tool life are among the advantages.


Moreover, Jones noted that there are often multiple approaches to applying workholding, and the First Tuesday Webinars will explore various options, elucidating the associated benefits and considerations for each.


The inaugural First Tuesday Webinar, set to commence on November 7, 2023, will delve into the fundamental question: “Why Workholding Matters?” This session will primarily focus on prismatic clamping, delivering an overview of workholding’s significance in the broader manufacturing process. The presentation will additionally shed light on the key challenges encountered by workholding systems and provide practical examples of addressing these challenges.


To ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject, the webinar will follow a structured agenda. The session will culminate in an interactive Q&A segment, where participants can seek advice on specific workholding issues or request guidance on addressing current and upcoming workshop challenges.

Mark Jones concluded by expressing the webinar’s aim to address the extensive workholding landscape comprehensively. He also encouraged feedback from those dealing with the intricacies of securely holding raw materials or components, welcoming specific topics of interest for future webinar sessions.

This webinar series promises to be a valuable resource for professionals seeking to optimize workholding techniques and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

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