VERICUT 9.4 Showcased at Advanced Engineering Exhibition, Birmingham

by Anna

Birmingham, UK – CGTech is set to exhibit its latest software innovation, VERICUT 9.4, at the upcoming Advanced Engineering exhibition, scheduled for November 1-2 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. This exhibition is recognized as the United Kingdom’s premier annual gathering of engineering and manufacturing professionals, drawing more than 400 exhibitors from various industries and sectors.


VERICUT, a renowned CNC simulation software used by over 7,000 companies in 60 countries, plays a crucial role in the machining process by simulating operations and identifying errors in NC (Numerical Control) programs before they are executed on actual machines. The latest version, VERICUT 9.4, introduces several key enhancements focused on strengthening the connectivity between virtual simulations and real-world CNC machines.


One notable addition is the CNC Machine Monitoring module, which establishes a direct connection between VERICUT and CNC machines. This module streams real-time data from the shop floor, enabling users to monitor machine activities, program execution, spindle operations, and more, all from within the VERICUT interface. It provides insights into the status of NC programs, the execution of subroutines, spindle speed adjustments, and any interruptions such as emergency stops or shifts in productive cycle modes.

Complementing this module is CNC Precheck, a standalone application that empowers machinists to verify whether their machine setups align with the configurations previously validated in VERICUT. This final precheck phase helps identify disparities, such as discrepancies in NC program versions, alterations, missing or mismatched work or tool offsets, ensuring that any discrepancies are addressed and resolved before initiating machining operations.

The VERICUT Reviewer app has also undergone improvements, offering a valuable tool for individuals across the organization, including machinists, engineers, and quality assurance personnel. It enables them to assess NC programs before they are loaded onto the actual CNC machines, all without the need for an active VERICUT license, thereby enhancing workflow efficiency.

Additionally, VERICUT 9.4 introduces enhancements in optimization capabilities. Users gain the ability to quickly optimize their NC programs without the tedious task of searching for starting values for materials and cutting tool parameters.

Furthermore, the software now supports Multi-ToolStations (MTS) more effectively and features a new ToolsUnited interface, offering access to tool and cutting data from over 40 tool manufacturers. The expansion of tool data includes High-Speed Steel (HSS) and ceramic milling cutters, as well as knurled milling cutters.

With these advancements, VERICUT continues to provide industry-leading solutions for CNC simulation and machining, ensuring that manufacturers can achieve precision, efficiency, and productivity in their operations.

For those attending the Advanced Engineering exhibition in Birmingham, a visit to stand N112 will provide an opportunity to explore the latest features and capabilities of VERICUT 9.4, which promises to further elevate CNC machining performance.


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