Starrag’s Tech Days Showcase Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Innovations

by Anna

Switzerland– Starrag, a leading manufacturing technology company, recently hosted its annual Tech Days open house event at its headquarters in Switzerland. The event centered around the theme “Push Your Productivity” and featured a series of demonstrations and presentations highlighting the company’s cutting-edge machinery and manufacturing solutions. With a diverse audience of over 250 visitors from 17 countries, Starrag’s Tech Days demonstrated how its expertise can lead to reduced lead times and lower production costs in the aerospace industry, particularly in the machining of critical components such as blades, blisks, impellers, casings, and structural parts.

One of the key highlights of the event was the unveiling of the STC 1250 HD, an ultra-rigid and robust titanium-cutting horizontal machining center. Notably, it is the first machine in its class to feature hydrostatic guideways, ensuring zero friction and non-stick operation in the X-axis. This innovation resulted in remarkable reductions in roughing times, sometimes surpassing 50%, and precise finishing of parts. The machine’s higher acceleration and jerk rates further improved dynamic finishes, and its frictionless guideways contributed to more precise part production.


Another notable addition to Starrag’s lineup was the Ecospeed F machining center, equipped with an integrated Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head. This addition significantly reduced machining times, exemplified by the machining of an interior aerostructure part, which saw its production time cut from 14 hours to just three hours and 40 minutes.


The event also showcased simultaneous 5/6-axis machining of landing gear parts, addressing the challenges of cutting complex shapes in challenging materials while accommodating increased production volumes and new materials in compliance with regulations.


Starrag also presented how its machines can enhance productivity, including a Droop + Rein FOGS machining center’s ability to machine aluminum alloys and carbon fiber parts with astonishing accuracy. Additionally, a 65mm bar-fed LX 021 machining center was demonstrated, showcasing its capability to produce variable guide vane blades with exceptional precision in a short cycle time, aided by ProMicron system monitoring.


In addition to machine demonstrations, Starrag’s Tech Days featured presentations on software solutions, including an animation demonstrating blade repair at a fraction of the cost of a new blade. Moreover, a new spindle drive unit, an 18,000 revs/min HSK-100 for all-round metals machining, was introduced.

The event included collaborations with various technology partners. Siemens showcased its Sinumeriuk CNC system with Digital Twin software, emphasizing a closed-loop approach that minimizes programming efforts and eliminates costly material test cuts. Caron Engineering demonstrated its Tool Adaptive Control system, which can extend tool life by up to 25% and increase tool rates by 25% through process monitoring.

Hexagon Metrology emphasized the importance of time in manufacturing and showcased its NC Measure machine tool probing, measurement, and tool setting expertise.

Furthermore, live demonstrations illustrated the capabilities of the STC 1250 HD, particularly in titanium machining. The machine’s hydrostatic guideways in the X-axis offered significant advantages in roughing times and dynamic finishing while reducing maintenance and energy consumption.

Dr. Matthias Lange from Premium Aerotec delivered a keynote address, highlighting the soaring demand for passenger aircraft and the aerospace industry’s commitment to sustainability. He emphasized the need for reducing energy consumption in machining through optimized routines, effective coolant usage, and improved tooling.

Starrag’s CEO, Martin Buyle, reiterated the company’s commitment to competence and reliability over price and quantity. He emphasized their focus on delivering comprehensive solutions across various industries and ensuring that their global expertise benefits customers worldwide.

Starrag’s Tech Days event provided valuable insights into the future of manufacturing technology and underscored the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of productivity and sustainability in the aerospace and other sectors.

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