Heliospectra Launches helioCORE 2.0 with Enhanced Features for Precision Horticulture

by Anna

Heliospectra has introduced helioCORE 2.0, an updated software offering advanced features designed to optimize energy savings, improve plant growth, and streamline operational efficiency in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) applications.

The new helioCORE 2.0 software includes several key enhancements:

Enhanced User Experience: The software offers an improved user interface with a drag-and-drop feature for simplified zone and grow group administration. Users can easily monitor fixture status, temperature, wireless signal strength, and more through a graphical representation of the installation.


Dynamic Weather Forecast Integration: A notable feature is the integration of external weather forecasts into the Daily Light Integral (DLI) controller. This integration enhances algorithm accuracy and may make helioCORE eligible for rebates in select regions, aligning with sustainability and economic viability goals.


Improved Monitoring and Notifications: Users benefit from enhanced real-time status updates through the Adelphi interface. The software provides clear insights into fixture status, temperature, and other critical parameters. Expanded email notification options ensure timely and comprehensive alerts regarding cultivation environment events.


Multi-Group Grow Zone Control: HelioCORE 2.0 supports multiple groups within grow zones, allowing growers to turn off empty bays or individual lights within a zone. This feature enables tailored lighting strategies for different crops or varieties within a single or multiple greenhouses, optimizing growth conditions.


Open API for 3rd Party Integration: The software includes an open API for seamless integration and control from external sources. Growers can integrate helioCORE with existing climate computers, enhancing operational flexibility and customization.

Enhanced PSU (Power Supply Unit) Monitoring: The software enables proactive monitoring of PSU status, ensuring optimal lighting performance. Growers can detect potential PSU failures early, preventing downtime and costly replacements. Over-the-air adjustments maximize efficiency.

Johan Rubenson, CTO at Heliospectra, stated that helioCORE 2.0 empowers growers to make data-driven decisions, optimize crop quality, and improve cultivation efficiency while reducing energy consumption by up to 35%, in addition to LED lighting savings. The software is designed to set new standards in precision horticulture by enabling customized lighting strategies based on real-time data and external forecasts.

HelioCORE 2.0 is a stand-alone system but can be used in conjunction with existing climate computers through its open API. Automatic updates ensure the software remains current with the latest features and improvements. Heliospectra offers technical support and installation assistance through its helioCARE team of in-house experts.

The software aligns with Heliospectra’s commitment to innovation and sustainable horticultural practices by providing growers with tools to maximize energy efficiency and crop quality.

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