Nakamura-Tome Unveils Groundbreaking CNC Multitasking Turning Centre at EMO Exhibition

by Anna

Nakamura-Tome, renowned for its precision CNC machinery, is set to debut its latest technological marvel at this month’s EMO exhibition in Hanover, marking a world premiere for the highly anticipated twin-turret twin-spindle precision CNC multitasking turning centre.

Soon to be available in the UK through the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), the Nakamura-Tome WY-100V will be prominently featured at EMO under the banner of ‘Faster than the Fastest.’


For those familiar with the Nakamura brand, the WY-100V, showcased at Stand B34 in Hall 17 at EMO, promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the CNC machining landscape, introducing a wealth of new technologies poised to drastically reduce cycle times compared to its predecessor, the WY-100II, which was introduced seven years ago.


To minimize idle times and boost efficiency, Nakamura has introduced an innovative technology called ‘ChronoCut.’ This cutting-edge software minimizes downtime during manufacturing without compromising precision, even without alterations to cutting conditions. Consequently, Nakamura has achieved a remarkable cycle time reduction of up to 30% across a wide range of machining applications.


In addition to these software enhancements, Nakamura has also introduced new hardware and software solutions aimed at elevating accuracy for faster mass production. Various techniques have been integrated into the control system to further reduce idle time, resulting in an entirely new multitasking lathe that not only operates at higher speeds but also enhances overall productivity.


The WY-100V will also showcase the enhanced NT Thermo Navigator system, a thermal growth compensation software that utilizes temperature data from the entire machine to perform efficient corrections. This groundbreaking feature leads to significant improvements in precision, complemented by a newly designed machine structure that minimizes the influence of thermal growth. The WY-100V, featuring a 6-inch chucking lathe, will be available with bar capacities of 42mm, 51mm, and 65mm, with a maximum turning length of 588mm.

Shogo Nakamura, CEO of Nakamura-Tome, emphasized the significance of speed in a multi-turret machine, stating, “By reducing cycle time with a fast machine, you can produce a large number of workpieces within the same timeframe, helping customers save manufacturing costs and meet tight delivery deadlines.”

He added, “The WY-100V embodies the concept of ‘Faster than the Fastest.’ It aims to reduce the burden on the shop floor, where even a few seconds of cycle time reduction can yield significant benefits. We’ve set a high goal of achieving a 30% reduction in cycle times, and this goal has been realized through the development of this new machine from the ground up. It’s a machine that incorporates all of our hardware, software, and machining expertise.”

Experts from ETG will be on hand at the EMO exhibition to introduce this exciting innovation to UK manufacturers, while Nakamura will host several technical presentations each day. Shogo Nakamura himself will also be present at the event to engage with potential customers and stand visitors.

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